Is she a mother and an entrepreneur? She definitely must be ignoring or compromising on her responsibilities as a mother in order to successfully run her business.

There are numerous other similar stereotypes regarding mompreneurs. But do not let them stop you from becoming a mompreneur. Here are a few other common myths regarding mompreneurs you must ignore:

CEO Moms Always Talk About Their Kids

People may expect a mompreneur to always be discussing about her kids during meetings, presentations, conferences and during other corporate events. That is not true at all. Women entrepreneurs know how to focus on work when they are in their business place and also how to concentrate on their home and kids when they are at home

Women are Bad at Math

“Men are smarter with numbers and women simply aren’t; so how can a woman manage her business finances as an entrepreneur?” This myth needs to be dumped! A woman can do anything she sets her mind to and if she wants to set-up her own business she will learn how to manage the finances and do it well!

Womenpreneurs Don’t Have Successful Marriages

“Womenpreneurs are expected to give higher priority to their business as compared to their partner or their marriage.” That is totally false; in-fact womenpreneurs are more appreciative of their husbands since they both are working. Women can manage their business and their marriage by striving for work-life balance.

Womenpreneurs have Disorganized Home

“Women can’t keep things organized in the business place or at home.” Untrue! Womenpreneurs can easily hire help to keep things at home organized. In-fact, managing a business equips them with essential management skills that can help them organize things at home too.

Therefore, the next time you hear something along these lines, don’t let it interfere with your dreams of becoming a successful woman entrepreneur! You can get some extremely beneficial tips from Luci McMonagle an Abundance Success Coach.