We entrepreneurs have so much to worry about in our busy lives: taking care of our business, clients, our families, commitments, sustainability, yet we don’t take enough care of our minds and souls, which happen to be the most important assets of our spiritual lives and businesses. We may take immaculate care to maintain neat and clean living and workspaces; and yet when it comes to our minds, we let it become a space cluttered with dark and negative thoughts and worries, which creates a narrow mindset and vision for our life and business. As a mystic wealth mentor and spiritual guide, I tell visionary entrepreneurs with a mystic or spiritual bent that if they cannot change and master their mindset then they cannot grow their business and cannot manifest their millions and they have to stay stuck beneath the 6 figure income. Let me elaborate on how these aspects are linked together through a personal example of how I came to acquire my dream house very recently, not through an accident but careful manifestation and a lot of succor from the Universe. And along with the dream house, I was able to acquire a wild but beautiful, bountiful garden. The whole process taught me how to listen to my soul to understand my deepest desires, how to trust and allow the Universe to manifest those desires in reality, and how to take care of my inner sanctuary and mental garden through care and cultivation (I did a short Facebook live on this). Here is how the whole process went and what the underlying lessons were for me in the entire process:

When Your Outer World Starts Rearranging According to Your Inner World….

If you pay close attention to the inner workings of your mind, conscience, subconsciousness, your soul’s inner workings, then you would be surprised to see that there is a close resemblance to what is happening inside you and what is happening outside you. Let me elaborate on this idea further through my personal example. Many of you might be aware that I have recently moved into a place of my own, my dream house, and I am in the process of settling down.  Well, let me tell you that this process didn’t come together through conscious will and effort but something that was being manifested by the Universe within me and in my subconscious. Last year, I began making Mind Movies, a concept, and product of Natalie Ledwell, and for reasons unknown to me, I was adding images related to beautiful houses and bathtubs (because I love water and all the water elements) to my vision board related to wealth. I was happily living in a rented space back as a digital nomad for the past 6 years. But then, strangely enough, I started to have friends, family, and people come to me and tell me, “Oh why don’t you consider buying instead of renting?”  But these things didn’t make sense, as I couldn’t correlate my beautiful pictures of “wealth” with moving. Still, I decided to move into a permanent home and started looking for options.

Have a List of Wants But Trust Your Feeling and Intuition

People usually want a lot of things in an item, even a person, they desire. Yet they don’t keep that list handy when they are actually making that purchase or meeting that person. They also forget to trust their intuition and feeling and just end up going with the flow. This way, instead of maintaining their control on the situation, they lose it. So, having a list is very important. Recounting from my personal experience, when I finally made the decision to purchase a house, I started looking at all these houses, and I had my list. On that list, I had a ‘negotiable’ i.e., what I was willing to negotiate on whether or not I want the house; then ‘non-negotiables’ i.e., absolutely must-haves; and then the wishlist i.e., everything I desire (a garden was one of them). And some things you have to really pay attention to when you are starting to look for the clues that the Universe and your subconscious mind is working for you. So some of the telltale signs that you found what you are looking for, even if it doesn’t quite match your list is how you ‘feel’ about things, your intuition. Like when I looked at this house, I laughed and I felt like I was abandoning a part of myself when leaving; a very strange feeling. So I came back the second time, this was on the same day, I looked at the house between three to four other houses and I just felt like I was coming home. And so, I instantly began to know that this was the right house for me. So, I made the decision, I started following the clues, I started taking the actions! And when you get nervous and frustrated while taking or following a course of action, you get to know that you are changing your reality; changing your mindset. And then you actually start finding what you are looking for, just like I found my dream house.

Trust the Timings…

The problem or let’s say the source of our frustrations is that things don’t happen the way we want them to happen or in our desired timeline. Instead of getting perplexed by this, you need to see that the Universe is trying to create something better than what you desire and that the process and the outcome take time.  If you think that I was able to acquire my dream house right away and without uncertainty and tension then let me tell you that it wasn’t the case. What happened was that when I decided to buy a house, I created a deadline that I wanted to move out by March, but somehow, I kind of moved it to the end of April, as there was no pressure and a lot of flexibility.  Yet, all of a sudden, my former landlord sold the house that I was in, without even having to put it up for sale. There was no notice or enough time for me to look for another place and I was like: “I need to find a new place to live NOW.” Plus, I had a three-week trip going on in March so I was really panicking. I got home from my three-week-long work trip on the 25th of March and began house hunting on the 26th of March and I finally found the house of my dream. Now, it normally takes houses approximately 30-45 days to close. But in this case, it took me just 24 days to close this particular house. So there was relevancy in the 24 because in Numerology, 2 plus 4 is 6. The house number, if you add all the numbers, it’s a 6, which means it’s really good for a home-based business, it’s very good for stability, it’s good for having individuals and having people come together in groups.

Cultivate Your Mental Garden

Your mindset is like a garden. It needs to be taken care of, cultivated. But before you that you have to firstly clear it from unwelcome, unwanted growth like weeds and bushes. Well, let me tell you that when I first started cleaning the garden into my new house, it was pretty gnarly out there, filled with all kinds of weeds and bushes that I had to clean it. There was a rose bush growing wildly which had to be pruned so as to create more space for other wonderful flowers and herbs. There was oregano that I was about to mistakenly pull out thinking it was a weed (thankfully I didn’t and ended up using it in my salad the next day). So, while I was cleaning out my mental garden, I was also clearing my mind and thought process, pulling out the weeds with ease and grace, and incinerating them. Imagine what’s going on in your mindset and clearing and cleaning it. Start paying attention to what’s going on inside your mind; imagine these negative thoughts, these frustrations, these irritations as weeds and little gremlins, things that are preventing you from having success; things you no longer want in your life. And then pull them out, pluck them out, and throw them in an incinerator. Once this is done, you would end up having fertile ground. You then start planting the right seeds, the positive affirmations. Then just like any garden bed, you also have to have maintenance. You have to make sure that no bugs and viruses come in the form of mental stress and anxiety. You have to make sure that you keep the top of the soil nice, soft and fresh through positive affirmations. You have this beautiful ground that you can work on now, ready and fertile, and now you can move forward with your ideas.

If you understand what is going on in your mind and control the unruly thoughts and replace them with more productive and positive ones then you can move forward in your life and in your business. I am Luci McMonagle and today you have learned with me how you can cultivate the garden of your mind through knowing about my personal house hunting story. This is a powerful exercise I have discussed in my book, Magical Money Manifestations. If you haven’t gotten hold of it yet, you can get it on Amazon. Or, go to my website  www.MagicalMoneyManifestations.com and you would be able to find out how to get bonuses for buying the book on Amazon.

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