Tarot Card reading is definitely something which isn’t for everyone. Divination and its various forms can seem like something frivolous and pointless- especially to those who are strong believers in the conventional forms of religion. If you are someone who believes strongly in Tarot Card reading, it can be difficult with cynics- and I’m sure each and every one of you has come face to face with one or even more. Here’s how you can deal with one effectively.

Try and Explain the Logic Behind Them

Carl Jung’s theory of the Collective Unconscious and a process known as synchronicity work in tandem to help make sense of the complexities of Tarot Card reading. While it is true that psychology is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, making it difficult to help others understand, there is no harm in trying.

Once you really get into it, it is actually pretty interesting and convincing. Encourage those close to you to take an interest in something which governs your life to some extent. If they aren’t extremely close-minded, they might understand where you are coming from, and if they don’t become staunch believers- at least they won’t be cynical about it.

Show Them How It Works and the Effectiveness of the Practice

Another thing which you can do to counter cynics is to show them how it has worked out in your life. Essentially, Tarot Card reading doesn’t really predict the future. Instead, it just helps you interpret the cards in a manner which is guided by the Collective Unconscious.

To deal with cynics in your life, you could take them along for a reading session or tell them details of how a certain deck has denoted a certain event or events of your life.

Speak to Them About Respecting Your Beliefs

Sometimes, people don’t respond to the methods mentioned above. In this case, it is important to communicate with them. Because they don’t really take Tarot Card reading seriously, they can make jokes about it easily. Tell them how the same doesn’t apply to you and that it makes you upset. People who care about you will make an active effort not to hurt your feelings.

The last option which you might have to resort to is just ignoring what cynics say. Some cynics are cynics just for the sake of it, with no real logic to support their arguments. If someone isn’t responding to your milder efforts, ignore them, and have faith in your beliefs.