There is more to life than breathing, eating and sleeping. Each one of us is born with a distinct gift and ability, our spirit’s mission, our true and divine calling. We spend time on this earth in order to figure out our souls’ mission and live it out and find fulfillment, happiness and joy in the process. There are those blessed ones who are able to figure out their souls’ mission easily and fulfill it, and there are those who struggle all their lives in trying to figure it out and as a consequence, they lead unhappy and unfulfilled lives. People who have an entrepreneurial bent of mind are not satisfied with the status quo. While going about their jobs, they keep on wondering and asking “Huh, is this all there is? Just working 9-5?” Or, they might be entrepreneurs already and just keep putting in time and effort in their ventures, yet they just don’t quite feel like they have succeeded in fulfilling their purpose or mysterious mission or have actually succeeded in creating a difference in other people’s lives. The reason behind this unfulfilled feeling is often that these individuals don’t realize that they are mystics or mystic entrepreneurs. They have these intense emotions, some paranormal or supernatural experiences, a certain degree of homesickness, a desire for more, an inner thirst, a sense of knowingness that others around them don’t experience. All they need to do is to discover their souls’ purpose and mission in order to excel in life. That’s why I decided to address the issue of finding one’s soul’s purpose and mission in one of my Facebook live events. Some of the clues that I am going to provide you seem so incredibly obvious that you’re going to look at them and say, “I don’t think so,” however, it is what it is. So in order to figure out your soul’s purpose and mission, you need to assess and do the following things:

Find Out Your Soul’s Purpose

In the start of their academic or professional lives, not many people are quite sure what they are supposed to do and what happens to be the purpose of their education or occupations. You can contemplate on these aspects by asking yourself these questions:

Why am I here?
What am I doing here?
What is my divine mission?
What is my purpose?

A job title doesn’t let you live out your soul’s purpose thoroughly; you need to find a niche within a niche and express your soul’s purpose through it.

Start Expressing Your Soul’s Purpose through Words

The first thing that you need to remember is that any soul’s purpose is to express itself in order to be heard, felt, experienced, understood. A soul expresses itself through words and through actions. Some of the ways your soul would express itself would be somewhat bizarre. For instance, let’s say one of your soul’s purposes is that you are meant to be a writer because words in particular inspire you and they make you feel motivated. This is a clue that your soul’s purpose is expressing itself through writing, through the use of words. However, the idea of being a writer and writing a book absolutely horrifies you. You may think, “I am not a writer. I am not even good with English.” It doesn’t necessarily mean that the only way you and your soul can express themselves is through writing books. What it does mean is that you may be responding to a lot of emails. You might get into technical writing. You might have to express your creative bent through writing letters, through using words, through lyrics of songs, delivering presentations, etc. What this shows is that your soul’s purpose can be explained through diverse mediums, not just through written words but spoken ones. Find out which is the best medium for your creative expression.

Start Expressing Your Soul’s Purpose through Actions

Another way to express your soul’s purpose is to do so through actions and deeds. Let’s say another of your soul’s purpose is that you are meant to bring a sense of security in other people’s lives. And so it’s going to be expressing itself through actions like you are always prepared. Let’s say you are the one person that has spare band aids in your purse or in your backpack and you are the first one to spring to action and help out others in small emergencies. You have miscellaneous things so that if anybody would need something, you probably have it or you have it pretty near you and you are readily willing to provide it to them. And you’re always able to respond to stressful situations with a little bit calm, a little bit cool way and help people through their emergencies and their emotional crises. Another example is that you might be in the healthcare field or in some sort of similar capacity. You might be a nurse or doctor and somewhat contented as a professional, or you are still sensing that there is more for you to do, there is more that you are meant to be in order to fulfill your destiny. You may feel that you need to serve those specially who are struggling to afford healthcare or are broke, or you have a compassion for single mothers or the elderly. So, you end up setting a free clinic or a health camp for them on an off day.

Seek Your Destiny and Let it Seek You

Some of the things that you might have been curious and pondering about is, “What is my destiny?” Well your destiny is always unfolding. It’s not just you who is seeking your destiny but your destiny is also seeking you. This means that you would start noticing that you have opportunities brought to you. Some doors will mysteriously open and other doors will slam shut directly in your face. Now that’s very difficult when we are starting to having doors slam shut in our face because we are like, “Oh but that’s what I wanted…really wanted. That’s what I was going for. That’s what I decided I was going to do.” Let me give you an example of this: Let’s say you are in college and you are taking up a certain degree. And I am going to use arts as a degree. So let’s say you are doing arts, you are practicing, you are in drama classes, and all of sudden, you get seriously injured during one of these classes. I don’t mean just a little injury; I mean you seriously, physically or emotionally, injure yourself in a way where you just can’t continue what you were doing. You are absolutely frustrated, you are angry, you are so sure that you were supposed to be acting and you were so sure that you were supposed to be doing this. And yet you couldn’t. That door has closed. You start looking for answers about, “Why did this happen to me? What’s going on? How am I going to figure this out?” Then all of a sudden, you would start noticing other venues, other doors opening for you, and opportunities showing up that you would have never ever seen had you kept going in that same direction. What is this, you may wonder. That’s a part of your destiny doing a course correction. Some of the course corrections can be very, very easy, or they can be very difficult. All you can do is to trust your destiny and embrace it.

Find Your Soul’s Mission and Enact It

Your mission is something that is greater that you are meant to bring into this world. It can be a form of energy, it can be something that is a legacy and that is going to touch people’s lives in a meaningful, change their destiny, impact the world in a subtle or bigger way.  Maybe you wrote a book, you have created videos, you have posted things on the internet, maybe it’s something as simple as you are smiling and allowing a person to walk across the street by stopping your car. And that person who is walking across the street, who is looking pretty depressed and dreary, you just have brightened his or her entire day and prevented him or her from harming themselves, preventing him or her from doing something that was really, really bad through your small, thoughtful act. So your mission can be little, tiny, insignificant acts, which I call acts of grace. And these acts of grace, these invisible acts of grace that you produce every single day, every moment, is forming parts of your mission and will give you clues on what you are meant to bring into the world. When you’re able to start bringing those things into this world you would figure out your soul’s purpose and what is your divine mission and how you can enact them.

Exercises that Can Help You Discover Your Discover Mission and Live Your Soul’s Purpose 

You can really start tapping into your divine purpose and destiny through these simple but powerful exercises:

1st Tip: Meditate

You can start discovering what your mission by meditating at least once or twice a week and asking yourself questions like:
Am I living up to my potential?
Am I satisfied and happy?
Is there something about the world that bothers me?
Is there something that I can do to make things better?

When you start asking yourself these seemingly tough questions, the universe would start providing you clues through the people you meet and the experiences you undergo.

2nd Tip: Pay Attention to Patterns

One thing to do is to pay attention to the patterns around you that is, what are some of the things that you do over and over again consciously and subconsciously? Are you too sensitive? Have you been called brainy, intelligent? Sometimes, other individuals may have called you an old soul because you have wisdom, things that you spoke about that were far beyond your years, far beyond your physical age is. Or that Justice is very important for you. Or that you are very loving and caring and sometimes you just don’t get why other people are mean or hateful, or how horrible things can be done to other people. Another things could be that you are very, very happy to be free and give others freedom and space too. So, all these personality quirks provide a clue to who you are and what you are capable of and meant to be doing.

3rd Tip: Follow Destiny’s Course 

Start paying attention to the doors that are opening and the doors that are closing in your life. Can you find an underlying theme under them? Is it so that whenever you are about to start a new project, you fall ill or something comes up? Why so? Every door that is closing is bringing you a step closer to your destiny, your actual divine mission, the fulfillment of your soul’s purpose. Don’t resist change and embrace it. If you become depressed over the sudden change of plans, you wouldn’t be able to notice, be intuitive enough to find the newer opportunities that are popping up mysteriously around you. When you have the least resistance, your destiny will naturally lead you towards your divine mission. It is going to help you to bring something greater into the world.

4th Tip: Be Positive

You can’t birth this greatness into the world if you are focusing on negativity, focusing on why the world is all messed up, or why other people do this or do that. If you start focusing on how you can be of service to yourself and to other people, how you can be a better person and start looking at aspects of your personal development and of service, you would be less frustrated. So, start looking at ways that you can start expressing yourself, expressing your freedom.

If you would like to have some assistance in discovering your soul’s attributes, your soul’s purpose and mission, to really get to know yourself better, I would like to offer you a discovery session with me so that you would be able to really start finding out your divine purpose, destiny and mission. My name is Luci McMonagle. I am the Mystic Wealth Creator, and I am here to be of service to mystic entrepreneurs. You can get on my personal calendar and answer a few questions so I can prepare ahead. So go to Fill in the time that works for you and then fill out the questionnaire that I have so that I can prepare, and then we can see on whether or not it’s a fit to work with you and I, and how you can truly start tapping into your own mystical powers, bringing the superpowers into the world, and combine your spirituality with practicality, and move forward and bringing into this world that what you are desiring, that what you are meant to bring.