Mystic entrepreneurs are so very different from other types of entrepreneurs because they align their business with their spiritual selves, their spirits’ center, and souls’ purpose. They put purpose first and profit later. But when they end up going broke, they wonder why; and when they make a profit, they feel guilty and conflicted. Going against their innate nature and souls’ desires throw their entire world in chaos. The usual business methodology, business models, rules and business coaching don’t work out for them, and they are always in the quest for something else: the divine and spiritual connection amongst things. That’s why I invited Lumari in one of the episodes of my Wealth Wednesday Show, so she can teach us more about manifesting and strengthening our divine feminine power in our business. Lumari is an internationally celebrated intuitive life coach, psychic consultant and channel, spiritual teacher, and writer.

If you too have been struggling to align the material aspects of your business with the divine and spiritual one, if you want to run a business that is closer to your spiritual calling, then here are some basic steps for you to take:

Tune into the Divine Vibrations

Everything in this Universe emits vibrations at different frequencies and attracts an equal response. Even our thoughts have a vibrational frequency. If our vibrations are high, our ability to manifest more money, wealth and joy increases. If our vibrations are low, we would evoke a weak response from the Universe.  Lumari talks a lot about vibrations and their importance and feels that joy is the highest frequency in the world. She advises women entrepreneurs to embrace not just their talents, skills, and qualities but the vibrations they emit. They should move into their own personal vibration and embrace it rather than going against it. Only then they would be able to tune into the Universe’s vibration and attract material abundance as well as spiritual fulfillment.

Build on Love and Joy

We give importance to many things in life: relationships, work, family, money, etc. Yet if there is no love and joy at the center of things we do and for whom we do them, be it your client or your family, then our efforts would not hold; they would not be able to yield value to us or anyone else in our life. Lumari’s advice to women entrepreneurs is: “Love what you do.” I agree whole-heartedly to this. Women are miserable in their lives and their profession because they are doing something they don’t love, something that doesn’t resonate with their innate nature. If you love what you do, you are excited about it; you emit a strong radiance, you are sending out a positive energy into the world, a vibration so strong that no one can miss. This leads only to wonderful things: Your friends and clients can feel that energy and they would feel inspired. In response, they too would want to step into it, align their own energies to it, as everyone is attracted to confidence and want to associate with it. Furthermore, Lumari asks us to think about the things that bring us joy, pleasure, and fulfillment. She feels that having a day to day and a broader purposefulness in life brings you joy, and your own success and that of others related to you also bring you joy. This is the principle of creating a successful business. That’s why I am all for seeking and nurturing connection instead of meaningless competition.

Be Patient and Trust the Divine Plan  

Women entrepreneurs have to deal with lots of chaos and clutter in their lives, as they often are dealing with dual roles and conflicting responsibilities. All of which create negativities, confusion, and self-doubt, and sensitive women tend to feel more and absorb negative energies more than others. Thus, Lumari reminds us of the importance of having resonance, going with the flow and not going against it, aligning our gifts and energy with the Universe. She reminds us of the need to be patient when we come across blockages in our paths. Lumari equates these kinds of situations to being stuck in the traffic. When you discover yourself in this kind of situation, you try not to panic or get frustrated; otherwise, you would end up having an accident. Instead, you wait to move forward patiently or try to reroute. She tells us that sometimes, we also need to be patient with our ideas instead of executing them in panic at a premature stage. Even the best of the ideas when executed at the wrong time have the tendency to backfire. So, Lumari tells us to trust the cosmic scheme of things, seek psychic connections, look for divine signs, and listen to our intuition. I tell my own mentees that they can have it all but they cannot have it all together; hence, they need to work diligently and patiently.

Clear Negative Karma

Our lives, attitude, energies, vibrations are impacted by karma. Lumari tells us that our family’s attitude towards money, their conversations, and our past lives all contribute to our money karma. So, if your family’s attitude towards money was unhealthy, or if in your past life, you were struggling with money, then you would continue having trouble with attracting, keeping, and spending money. Bad karma creates blockages in your energy flow and life, blocks evolution and creates resistance in the path of prosperity. Your modus operandi that is, the way you work is based on that negative karma. You need to heal it and let go of it and align yourself with the divine flow.  In doing so, you create an opening for the divine and the ethereal in your earthly life, create a sacred space, an energy field for your personal success to happen.

Lumari tells us that when we are in resonance with the energy of the Universe, our natural gifts and talents shine through and become a source to further manifest wonderful things in our lives: money, love, life, creativity, divinity, delight, inspiration, surprises, and much more. If you want to have all these things in your life then my spiritual money-making guide titled Magical Money Manifestations is the thing for you. It is a smorgasbord of affirmations, mystical lessons, and explanations and exercises that can help you raise your money vibe, and invite more joy and abundance into your life. Be sure to pick up your copy from Amazon after reading the stellar reviews there.