Our ancestors obviously play a major role in our lives, years after they have passed away. This is normally thought to be in ways such as deciding where we currently live or the kind of life we are currently leading. However, it is now increasingly believed that our ancestors affect our lives in more ways than one.

A Spiritual Connection

While it is easy to believe the effects of your ancestors on tangible matters, such as the ones mentioned above- our connection with our ancestors goes much deeper than that. Many people believe that our souls and the souls of our ancestors are connected. Owing to this, the events they experienced or the way their soul was also shapes our souls to a certain extent.

Furthermore, people also believe that owing to this connection, our ancestors’ energy will stay with us throughout our lives. Many people find this thought distasteful, as the thought of negative energy being passed onto us is slightly upsetting. However, the first step is to acknowledge any negative energy which you feel may not originate from you, but from your ancestors. Once this is done, you can learn to work around it.

A Genetic Connection

Other than a connection between souls, research is now showing that our ancestors’ trauma can physically alter their genes, which are then passed down to us.

One of the main examples which are being quoted involved Jews whose relatives experienced the Holocaust, compared to those whose relatives didn’t. The results showed that the former had increased stress hormone levels, which basically led to a greater number of anxiety disorders experienced in that group. Such details are fascinating and also make it obvious that the trauma which our ancestors underwent plays a huge role in how our lives are shaped- especially if that trauma hasn’t been dealt with by the ancestors.

Again, this may make us feel that we are at a disadvantage, being forced to deal with problems which we had no control over. However, this information should be used in a positive light. We should try and live our lives in a manner which prevents the passing down of altered genes to our descendants- something which can be managed by dealing with our trauma at the appropriate time before it has long-lasting effects.