There are times in our lives when we, as mystic women entrepreneurs, simply feel trapped and held down by an inexplicable force. There is a feeling that you’re riding on something significant and big. You might be doing everything right and yet you cannot seem to get ahead, your circumstances seem to be falling apart and you feel held down and pinned down by a kind of karmic thumb. You just can’t quite figure out what’s going on. You have an uncanny feeling that someone or something, people or circumstances, are putting barriers in your path to prosperity or are bringing you down by sabotaging you, your ideas and projects, your business, or some aspect of your mystic life and work that you’re doing and trying to bring it out into the world for the benefit of others. Chances are that you are being sabotaged consciously or unconsciously. It can be people who you know or even those who you don’t know but whose negative vibes you pick up from anywhere, while going about your life like walking or driving around or going to the store, etc. (You can go through my complete Facebook Live feed to know more about the presence of sabotage patterns in our lives besides reading this blog).

4 Signs in Your Life that Show Sabotage Patterns

So what are the signs of sabotage for a mystic entrepreneur? They differ from person to person but some signs are:  

1st Sign – People Flaking Out

Maybe you’re just about ready to get this fabulous new dream life or a fabulous new dream client, and you were so incredibly excited. You’re like, “Yes I finally am making this happen.” And then little by little, people start flaking out on you or they don’t return your phone calls, they stop replying to your text messages. These are the very same people that you have to have contact with because you have negotiations going. But you cannot fathom the reason behind their initial warm response and subsequent cold shoulder.

2nd Sign – Recurring Repetitive Patterns

You can feel that there are certain repetitive patterns in your life or a hidden background story. You might be meeting different people, under different circumstances, but the same underlying negative themes or patterns keep emerging and interfering with your working. For instance, you have a speaking engagement at an event or an outing planned out but you or someone in your family fall ill at that precise day leaving your plan in jeopardy. Or, whenever you sit down to work on something important, someone calls or something important comes up and you lose the momentum.

3rd Sign – Mysterious Energy Drain

The next telltale sign of being sabotaged secretly is that your energy levels start feeling depleted. You feel run down, you might be getting enough sleep but you’re tired, and you get even more tired when you’re interacting with people, you know that somebody or something is attaching itself to you and sucking your energy that’s preventing you from fully shining, fully bringing your full power out and moving forward. You might feel drained like somebody tapped you out, like somebody pulled the cork on you and you’re not sure who or why.

4th Sign – Inexplicable Anxiety

 Some of the other sensations that you might feel is having an unexplained anxiety. When you are going to a certain place, doing a certain thing, and you start getting this anxiety, this sense of dread that’s preventing you from really fully engaging. Things aren’t really going bad, but they’re not going good either You might start feeling depressed for no apparent reason..

Possible Reasons Behind the Sabotage Patterns   

Getting sabotaged mysteriously and repeatedly by people or karma can be frustrating but here are some of the reasons for what could be happening behind the scene:

People Sabotage You Out of Fear

As a mystic entrepreneur, you’re probably a catalyst for people’s shadow sides to come out. Sometimes, you might actually scare people because you have knowledge about them, or you have insights about them that you want them to know. What might be common sense to you might be a little bit spooky and eerie for them. So, some people get scared by your intelligence, sensitivity, knowingness and other aspects that make you seem a little bit different than most individuals. Now, the very first thing most individuals think when dealing with a mystic or a mystical entrepreneur, “Oh my god, this person is such a flake! And I really need them to respond differently to me or at least not respond at all.”

They Might Have Personal Issues Going on

At times, you’re not exactly sure whether people are sabotaging you or they’re not sabotaging you or they’re having personal issues going on. Sometimes because you really care about other people you might try to rationalize their behavior that they are being difficult because of x, y, z factors or that they’re going through something. But their behavior is directly affecting you and you might be even losing sleep over this unnecessarily. However, their actions have nothing to do with you and they might as well be going through a personal problem or issue.

They Might Be Looking Out for You

Now all these people are not necessarily bad. Some of them are trying to look out for us by discouraging us from pursuing a mysterious and untrodden, unconventional path. Many of us will have phenomenal individuals who will come into our life, and give us the most painful, most trying, most suffering type of circumstances so that we can heal our souls, our minds and our bodies, and stand in our own power.

You Might be Self-Sabotaging 

Could you be self-sabotaging yourself? Upsetting as this may sound, it could be true. For instance, one of my hidden story or a repetitive pattern was that I couldn’t trust men, which was stopping me from working freely as an entrepreneur with both men and women.  So, look at that aspect of yourself that might be sabotaging you and find out how you can work towards making an agreement within your own personality aspects.

You Might be Relying Too Much on Others’ Opinion and Energies

Now if you’ve normally interacted with people and felt like your energy has gotten filled-up and recharged, you might actually be an individual that sucks and siphons off energy from other people by seeking inspiration, picking up ideas, getting their opinions and relying on them for the validity of your ideas. If you have this sort of personality, be careful because when you pick energy, you can also pick up their karma. You don’t want to do that. You don’t want to be responsible for somebody else not fulfilling their soul’s purpose or fulfilling their soul’s mission and losing your way.

Energy Cords: How they Impact You and Can Sabotage Your Business

When we connect to somebody on some level and we identify with them to some extent, there is an energetic cord, a connection between them. Just like between you and I: a very, very light, loving, caring cord, which would disappear or dissolve once you would stop reading this article.  But you might have toxic and negative energy cords that are attached to you, having a charge. You meet certain people who make you feel happy, and you begin to feel love and passion for them and start caring for them deeply. These cords give you the opportunity to open and blossom your mystic potential and gifts. On the other hand, you may meet people who make you feel angry or hateful. And you want to break off that connection. They sabotage us and our mystic mission when they wrap their energy around us like a boa constrictor and start sucking the life out of us. They squeeze our powers and prevent us from being able to create the life that we want, create the entrepreneurship that we want, create the impact and the legacy that we want. I would highly suggest is to clear yourself off these cords. Here are the techniques I personally use:

Visualize Energy Cords

When someone is sabotaging you, ignoring you or in some other way, is causing stress upon you for whatever reason, start looking at what attachments you have this person, place, thing or a situation that is apparently causing so much stress and pain in your entrepreneurial journey. When you envision deeply, you could actually begin to see that these negative energy cords are snake-like entities, with fangs sinking into you, tentacles wrapped tightly around you. Then start actively visualizing that you are removing these cords or tentacles from yourself bit by bit until you are completely done.

Take a Shower or a Bath

You also need to cleanse your body and aura off all the negative cords in order to thrive at a mystic and spiritual level. One way to do so is to take a cleansing, rejuvenating shower or a soaking bath. If I’m taking a shower, I imagine the water coming out as beautiful, golden, bright sunshine, pouring through every square inch, body part and my whole body. And the other thing that I do is before I get into the shower, I stop the stopper and I add a full cup of Epsom salt and a full cup of sea salt in the tub, in the area. While washing up, I imagine this beautiful, golden energy flowing, melting away, disintegrating all negative energies, all negativities and attachments between me and other people. Before I’m done fully finishing, washing up, I take the stopper off, make sure all of the water is drained out, completely and totally. Then I rinse out the shower and dry some parts of my body thoroughly with a towel and the rest through air drying.

Send Forth Positive Energy

Once I am done removing tentacular energy cords or when I am done connecting with a person, I send the said person a hundred petal lotus flower or a thousand petal roses. The reason why I’m personally choose lotus flower is because it brings out love, compassion, forgiveness, and it allows me the opportunity to start looking at what part am I playing in this or what I need to do.

As a response to all these negativities and resistance, we need to raise ourselves and our mystical vibrations to the challenge, fine-tune our gifts and offering. Now, there is also the law of germination that you have to understand. Once you sow the seeds of change, it takes a certain amount of time for you to truly start creating the momentum and moving forward.

If you have done all of these other things and you still need some help, respite from the secret saboteurs and patterns. I am Luci McMonagle, the Mystic Wealth Creator. I mentor mystic entrepreneurs to create more freedom in their business through conscious wealth creation, so that you can have a big impact in your life, in your business, in your world, and so you can create your legacy if that is your desire. Through my spiritual and mystical mentoring, you can start healing your life path. You can get unstuck, regain your mystic powers and get back on mystic entrepreneurial path. So you can go, and you book a discovery session with me to find out if I’m the right mentor to work with you.