Sometimes when I am thinking about a person, the phone rings at that precise moment, and I am surprised to discover that the very person I was thinking about is on the other end of the line. I am sure that this must have happened to you too and you must have felt equally amazed, and even spooked. There is a strong, undeniable connection between two people, but unfortunately, it is not always positive.  Consider how there are some people whom we simply cannot stand. The mere mention of whose name and presence is enough to give us a negative rush of emotions such as annoyance, irritation, pain, and even anger. We wonder why does this happen and if there is something we can do about it, especially if we cannot avoid these people. Well the good news is that yes, we can do something about it. But for this we have to understand about energy works, negative and positive energy cords and energy healing:

What are Energy Chords?

We are bound with the people around us through relationships: family, friends, work or business, and even community relationships. These are the physical titles and tangible chords of our relationships, but there is an even deeper set of psychic and emotional chords in our relationships that we are not aware of. Most of our relationships leave a deep emotional and psychic imprint on our souls. We are bound to these relationships with invisible but strong chords of duties and expectations. Sometimes, these energy chords are in sync and harmony, sometimes they are out of whack. So the energy chords can either be positive or negative, or a combination of both.

Positive and Negative Energy Chords

When these chords are positive, we feel relaxed, happy, heard, respected, and nurtured. We feel in harmony with ourselves, with others and with the universe.  Subtle exchanges take place between the aura of our energy and that of the other person, and this leads to overlaps, entanglements, and confusions. Whenever the balance between the duties and expectations is disrupted, we experience conflict, inner turmoil, pain, and anger; this allows negative and toxic patterns to develop in relationships. Physicists like Einstein have helped us understand that energy gets transformed from one form to another. Working on the same principle, we can heal and transform our negative energy chords into positive ones, and in turn transform our life’s energies.

Why Cutting of Energy Chords is Necessary and Beneficial for Your Financial Success and Sanity 

Cutting and healing of an energy chord is very important for women entrepreneurs in creative and spiritual businesses, especially for writers, designers, coaches, trainers, therapists, as they interact with clients on a daily basis and use their creative and spiritual energy as a medium and as a currency. This currency gets depleted and needs replenishment. We all know how difficult and demanding clients can get in terms of time and energy. How many times, it’s difficult to go beyond conflict and get your ideas heard. Eventually, we begin to fall out of love with our passion, lose faith in our dream business, in our clients, and in ourselves. We tend to get disappointed, exhausted, and burnt out over the course of time due to the negative energy chords we develop with our clients, our work, and business. We must understand that these negative energy cords:

  • are parasitic in nature, as they suck the life blood and energy out of us literally and figuratively.
  • drain our emotional batteries and force us to run on the empty until we collapse.
  • block positive energy from flowing into our relationships, career, finances, and prospects.

Magical Transformations in Life and Business Once Energy Chords are Cut, Harmonized, and Healed

These negative energy chords must be cut and healed if we want to get ahead in our personal and professional lives. Once your energy chords are healed, you would discover that:

  • Your energy levels would be much higher; your emotional energy would be more positive, bright, and harmonious.
  • Your mind would be quieter, more focused, sharp, and attentive
  • You would be more receptive to clients, details, creative ideas
  • You would be able to interact with clients in a productive way
  • You would be able to retain and sustain existing business prospects
  • You would be able to manifest newer business and financial prospects in the form of getting referrals, offers, having joint and collaborative ventures

I am Luci McMonagle, a Mystic Wealth Creator. I work with spiritually inclined and enabled women entrepreneurs, who want to rediscover the passion in their lives, work and businesses, who want to create businesses that impact and transform the world, and who want to be paid their true worth i.e., in thousands and millions. I have conducted special energy healing sessions with women entrepreneurs and have helped them achieve all of the above. Want to be one of them? Schedule a discovery session with me today at