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The Empowered Living Show

I was interviewed at the The Empowered Living Show on April 27, 2017 hosted by my good friend Lisa Meisels, Founder of Femanna. I talked about “Breaking Through To Abundance & Manifesting More Miracles,” where I shared my secrets to manifesting more abundance in your life and business.

The Empowered Living Show was created to bring real time advise from those living a balanced life along with great career success. Hosted by Lisa Meisels, this show invites women entrepreneurs as guests who seemed to have fairly accomplished their journey & made successes for themselves that others wish for but haven’t. They share their strategies to tackle the day to day challenges that bog one down totally.

LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE: http://www.femanna.com/breaking-abundance-manifesting-miracles/

Also, check out this article on the things I talked about on the show: http://www.iuemag.com/a17/is/luci-mcmonagle-breaking-through-to-abundance.php