** Contact Luci for details if you’d like to be a speaker at our event. **

The Entrepreneurial Speakers Meetup was created to fill the need for service based entrepreneurs and employeepreneurs that desire to use public speaking as a platform to develop and grow your business. Your entrepreneurial service can be coaching, insurance agent, mortgage broker, real estate, healing practitioner such as Reiki or other healing modality, intuitive reader, personal chef, Licensed Massaged Therapist, professional organizer, etc. – You’ll know if this is your or not.

Topics covered includes creating your signature speech, creating your service packages, discovering your ideal client, presenting your offerings, speaking competencies, cooperation vs competition, spiritual aspects of spreading your message (YES! there will be WooWoo stuff – but it’s not all of it), in person or online speaking platforms,  and we will have guest speakers as we grow and develop this group. ** Let me know if you’d like to be a guest speaker and I’ll send you the details.**

This is NOT a Toastmasters group and we do not follow the Toastmaster rules. This is for education and practice.

This group is for conscious professional women and men entrepreneurs that are respectful and cooperative and this can also be for EmployeePreneurs if you have more of an entrepreneurial spirit at your workplace.  that crave the cooperation and support of other successful women entrepreneurs. You also enjoy learning both the spiritual and practical techniques for platform speaking and desire to make an impact on the world.

You believe in creating a world that is better for all concerned.

** I am looking for places that will host our meetings — if you know of a co-share place, restaurant or other professional place that would have a private area in the area by 83rd/Bell/101 or in Scottsdale — Please contact me. Super Big Thank YOUs!

Meeting information:

·  Meeting Fee: $15 for PREPAY ON LINE, $20 CASH ONLY AT THE DOOR

·  Meetups: We will be meeting twice a month. Currently I am looking at Thursday evenings. We will be discussing the business of speaking, topics from above and discover ways how we can empower one another to find more speaking opportunities. We are open to experienced speakers as well as those that are just starting out. Our meetings will generate a lot of energy, ideas and lasting friendships.

·  We invite all attendees to participate and share your ideas, your challenges and seek advice from one another that may have resolved similar issues.

·  We have an open call to all professional speakers that may be interested in providing your words of wisdom. This will not be paid

·  PLEASE NOTE: This is not a networking leads group where your primary objective is to find clients and leads so you can sell something. This groups primary objective is to empower one another to grow and prosper!