DATE: January 22, 2016
LOCATION: Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort at Carlsbad, California

ABOUT THE EVENT: One day women’s retreat and set yourself up for a successful year!

TOPIC(S) I WILL BE SPEAKING ABOUT: Languaging Will Make You Wealthy

First there is thought, then word followed by action. When we are conscious of our thoughts and words then we are able to make better decisions that will lead us to the actions that we desire rather than living on auto pilot where we are in the constant state of reacting to our circumstances rather than creating and responding with grace.
OTHER AMAZING SPEAKERS & GUESTS ATTENDING: Rosemary Workman, Author, Certified Life Coach Practitioner; Marisa Molina and Hannah Mills, Holistic Health Practitioners and Intuitive Eating Counselors; Tziporah Kingsbury, Transformational Leader Intimacy & Relationship Expert

HOW TO JOIN US: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/healthy-wealthy-sexy-you-tickets-20289119302