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I was interviewed in Money & Mind$et #LoveBasedMoney Podcast hosted by my good friend Michele PW. Based on the bestselling book, “Love-Based Money and Mindset”, the Money & Mind$et explores all aspects of making money — from the practical business and marketing strategies to the woo-woo, including tips to shift your mindset and raise your vibration to attract all the prosperity you desire.

In this episode, you learn:

  • The one place you must put your focus even when you’re working hard to create wealth and abundance, or you risk losing everything.
  • What money is a reflection of, and how to make the internal changes necessary to begin experiencing greater levels of wealth and abundance.
  • The lie we tell ourselves about money and wealth, and how to recreate the belief that holds you back from having it all.
  • A new approach to thinking about your relationship with money, and the way it can shift your relationship with money for the better.
  • A money exercise, or ritual, you can do at home in just minute each day to increase the amount of money in your life.
  • Why staying physically grounded when it comes to money helps you increase the flow of abundance, and how to do so.
  • An exercise for bringing yourself into the present moment, stirring up your creativity, and avoiding burnout.
  • And more.

LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE: http://lovebasedbiz.com/podcast/episode-35-luci-mcmonagle-love-based-money-michele-pw/