Magical Money Manifestations – The Frederic Bye Show

My ‘Overcoming Your Fear of Selling’ meditation helps you have the confidence to start selling from the heart.
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Magical Money Manifestations – The Frederic Bye Show

I was interviewed on The Frederic Bye Show, where I got to talk about my book, Magical Money Manifestations. Hosted by my good friend Frederic Bye, the show invites expert guests on different fields from different parts of the world, and they get to talk about their expertise on a wide audience.

Luci McMonagle transformed her poverty-stricken life that she grew up in into one of abundance, wealth, and happiness by working less and making more money.

She is the Mystic Wealth Creator and focuses on mentoring Spiritual Mystic Entrepreneurs to create more freedom in their business & life through conscious wealth creation so they can make a BIG impact in the world to leave a legacy.

Luci is an expert on energy clearings and empowers others with her unique approach blending practical tools with spirituality that enables hidden blocks to be transmuted.

This opens the doors for more powerful creativity and more wealth to flow.