I will be at the Path to Profit Summit on September 23-25 at Santa Barbara, CA. This is hosted by my good friend Dr. Minette Riordan.

At the Path to Profit Summit you will:

• Use powerful guided visualizations to pinpoint money blind spots and brainstorm fresh opportunities for creating more profit in your business

• Use journaling and doodling to create a personalized profile of your perfect client

• Design a colorful, simple and effective marketing plan that consistently brings you the right clients

• Learn effective time-management strategies designed just for creative, visual learner

• Connect your innate Creative Genius with your Business skills

• Laugh, Dance, and Make Art!

• Make lasting personal connections with other Creative Women Entrepreneurs

• Did we mention the Urban Wine Trail, Great Restaurants and Beautiful Beaches in Santa Barbara?

CHECK OUT THE EVENT HERE: http://pathtoprofitacademy.pages.ontraport.net/summit