I will be a guest on “From Rags to Riches. What’s Your Money Story and Is It Holding You Back?” hosted by my good friend Nancy O’Keefe.

We all know we have that little voice in our head that can haunt us with talk that creates self doubt and fear, but did you know that you have a story in your head that could be keeping you in rags instead of riches and it was created when you where just a child? The good news is that you can change that story once you learn how to listen for it and that is what my guest, Luci McMonagle, Transformational Abundance Coach talks about in this episode. What will your rags to riches story be? Tune in and see how you can rewrite your story for abundance and success.

LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/whenopportunityknocks/2017/01/09/from-rags-to-riches-whats-your-money-story-and-is-it-holding-you-back