While many of us may have heard of something called our Chakras, indeed, most of us don’t really have much knowledge regarding it. Anyone who is interested in personal energies and how they impact us knows the importance of finding the right balance when it comes to your energies. Your Chakras are what will guide you in this path, as they play a major role not only in your spiritual or emotional state- but also in your physical state.

What Exactly Are Your Chakras?

Your Chakras are basically energy systems present within the body, which basically govern how your mental and physical state exists. Your Chakras affect your health, your mood and your beliefs. They basically influence how your energy responds to the energy of others and the world around you- thus impacting your behavior. Furthermore, your Chakras also play a role in keeping your memories stored- thus again impacting how you choose to use these memories in your life.

The concept of Chakras has originated from the Hindu religion and is basically thought to function as a wheel made of energy, which is constantly transforming. However, the thing about your energy is that it can either be transformed into positive energy or into negative energy- and keeping your Chakras balanced is the key to doing the former.

What Are the Types of Chakras?

There are seven types of Chakras- each located within the physical body, with varying significance in our life:

  1. Root Chakra- Base of the spine, associated with feeling grounded
  2. Sacral Chakra- Lower abdomen, associated with enjoying our life experiences
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra- Upper abdomen, associated with confidence
  4. Heart Chakra- In the chest, associated with the ability to love
  5. Throat Chakra- In the throat, associated with the communication
  6. Third Eye Chakra- Between the eyes on the forehead, associated with several cognitive functions
  7. Crown Chakra- Top of the head, associated with spirituality

With the details mentioned above, it is obvious that our Chakras are not only affecting our mental state, but also our physical state. Often, our physical problems can also be associated with an imbalance within our Chakras- and with the right attention, those can be remedied as well. Our Chakras are thought to be what makes up our personal universe, so maintaining it and educating yourself about it adequately is surely fitting.