Female entrepreneurs are often viewed as fearless business leaders. They have successfully overcome the obstacles they have hit and passed the outdated stereotypes without breaking a sweat.

Under all the fearlessness, women still face myriad difficulties and challenges just like all other entrepreneurs. Sometimes these are the same as faced by men and sometimes they are not.

Following are five key lessons that can help women face these challenges and make fearless decisions:

  1. Dive in

Two words can help you become a successful entrepreneur: “Lean In” and “Dive In”; both these words are connected. In a business world dominated by men, women entrepreneurs are more analytical and cautious, going in to every detail of their decisions. There is always going to be some area that you left out or did not look into. However, stop making excuses, take a deep breath and dive in!

  1. Venture Outside Your Comfort Zone

Fear of failure makes a woman lose trust in herself. The best way to fight this fear is to jump right out of your safe zone. Feel empowered in the decisions you make and stick to them. Whether it is making cold calls or career changing decision, do not lock yourself up behind a fear wall, be more confident.

  1. Listen Closely To What Others Say

A cliché, but an important one, this is where success starts. The most crucial point is to listen what your mentors, investors, employees and clients say. It takes patience, but in this case; Practice makes perfect. Do not get too excited when you get a prospective client, first engage them in to talking and listen to what they have to say. Main point: Loyalty builds success.

  1. Ask For It

In order to become successful, a woman must speak up! There are many gender stereotypes that woman do not have strong ideas. As an entrepreneur, you must become a person who constantly asks their clients and employees what they need.

  1. Find a Mentor

A mentor provides you with a fresh perspective in time of challenging obstacles and stressful decisions. Remember; do not bring your ego in between. Your mentors are there to help you.

Although there are countless books on how to become a fearless woman entrepreneur, there is no manual that will make you successful. Success stems from confidence, which you should find in yourself.