How to Have more Fulfilling Personal and Work Relationships through a Growth Oriented Mindset

It is an absolute truth that we are surrounded by more negative people than positive ones. These can be our family members, friends, spouse, and even partners and clients. They are the naggers, complainers, naysayers. They see the proverbial glass always empty instead of full. If you are striving hard to find success as an entrepreneur, you would find it very difficult to get along with them. However, one of the advantages of having a growth-oriented mindset is that it will help you cope with these people and even cultivate a better work and personal relationship with them through 4 easy steps:

Recognize Diversity

A limited mindset always sees personal differences as a threat and a bone of contention. This leads to a disagreements and fights. On the other hand, a growth-oriented mind celebrates difference and diversity. For e.g.:

It is possible that you maybe a thinker and your partner is more of a doer.
Or you may be good with numbers but your partner may have great communication abilities. Or your partner maybe a introvert and you maybe more of a social magnet.

Embrace Diversity

So if your life partner or your business partner thinks differently from you, then see it as an advantage for your personal or work relationship.  He or she would have a different perspective and way of doing things, which can be a great benefit for your personal life and your business. Celebrate this diversity rather than feeling exasperated by it. See it as a yin and yang principle that is behind the creative forces of nature and universe and every creation in it.

Put Diversity to Work

Once you recognize diversity and differences and accept them, then you can divide tasks related to your personal and business accordingly with your life and business partner. Alone, we would experience limited success in personal and professional life. A team with diverse skills is a great team and brings equal value to a personal and work relationship.

Stop Fearing Criticism and Challenges

Women entrepreneurs with a growth mindset are able to embrace criticism of their business partners, spouse, clients, etc, better than those with a fixed mindset and see them as pointers for growth. They don’t feel threatened by criticism as they don’t expect themselves or their partners to be perfect. That is why, entrepreneurs who are more receptive to the negative and positive comments of their clients are the ones who are able to cultivate better relationships with their clients and help their businesses grow. They are not deterred by business challenges and problems and try to come up with creative ways to find their way around them.

So it all boils down to this: A growth-oriented mindset positively impacts personal and business relationships, improves the bottom-line and ultimately leads to successful results.

Every relationship in life, be it personal or work, requires hard work. Even if you don’t have a growth oriented mindset, you can rewire your mind to become growth oriented and improve your relationships, your business and your life. It’s a principle I live by, as I started my own business at the age of 24 and haven’t looked back since then. I can teach you to do the same through a complimentary 40 minutes long money movement session. Women entrepreneur’s are welcome to enjoy this FREE session. Simply go  Click here and we will discuss how I can be of service to you and if working together is a good fit.