Are You or Your Family Cursed?

Ready to break the invisible chains that have been holding you back?

Here’s Symptoms A Generational Clearing Can Help With:

You are doing “everything” you are supposed to do to be successful, but it seems to slip through your fingers – meaning, you don’t get that promotion, you didn’t get that client, you keep running into people that say they want to work with you, but “can’t afford it.”

When you do build up any substantial amounts of wealth – your health takes the hit and you lose it. This can look like a cascade of issues – health issues followed by divorce, foreclosure on your home, etc.

You Have Sudden Unexplainable Losses that has nothing to do with the economy

You or your family has repetitive patterns – such as women getting involved with abusive or alcoholic partners and you never seen it coming

You’ve noticed a pattern of sexual abuse in the family

Unusual jealousy from others that doesn’t make sense

Bizarre “hauntings” seem to follow you or family members

Your family has a history of having extremely “rare” diseases that show up out of nowhere

Wacky things start happening at work, home or other – especially after receiving gifts from others

You suddenly feel like someone is watching you

You have unexplained anxiety, depression or phobias for no apparent reason

You’ve tried other means and had no success

You feel powerless, hopeless and you don’t know if your circumstances will ever change

A deep feeling of loneliness and isolation even when you are with others

And so on…

There Is Hope and A Generational Clearing Can Help You!

Terms and Agreements

Luci is an AMAZING person whom I am privileged to know! My first call with Luci was a clearing she did on me and OH WOW!!! The things she hit on were spot on! Then nearly a year later Luci and I started to work together she was coaching me and doing more clearings on me! She could literally feel my energy from a distance! This blew me away as I would be #winning at life and get a text from Luci saying Congrats or something inspiring for me. It’s like she knew a new client signed on with me 🙂 I HIGHLY recommend Luci to anyone who is looking to increase their awareness and take their business and personal mindset to a higher level!!

Denise Dominguez

Luci is a powerhouse of energy and information. I was blessed with a call from her shedding light on dark places where I am actively trying to start a Reiki business on the oceanfront helping and serving others. She began with an intense grounding that was the foundation of the hour long call enlisting the universe and angels. Shortly thereafter I had some large epiphanies of LOVE; opening up more room for wonder. Playing has taken on another activity; something I didn’t experience a lot of and am now seeing it in more ways of living than ever before!

Pamela Furno