Sometimes, major events in your life often go unnoticed by the people that surround you almost every day. Have you ever wondered why?

Do you know how long it takes to communicate your idea effectively and ultimately establish yourself? Approximately 35-45 seconds – Yes! According to a marketing survey, this is the span of time that an average person looks at an advertisement.

It sure is difficult to get through your message when you have a thin line between making a customer and letting a potential customer go. Well, according to experts, the key is clear and concise communication. All it means is that you need to understand the difference between what should go in your advertisement and what should be left on paper, since excessive information or cliché statements do not translate the idea well. And yes, understanding your target audience is important too.

Latest studies show that buyers are looking for a product or service that somehow solves a problem and contributes to an elevated status. How?

Well, for example, if you are selling a baby crib and your ad highlights all of its cool features that would not immediately grab your audience’s attention as much as if you had actually described a change of state involved with buying your product. Like, Make your nights quieter with this NEW baby crib – This statement actually explains a change in state to which the customers will react, since before the purchase, the nights were uncomfortable with the baby crying all the time.

Communication failures can be disastrous, ultimately leading to your business’s demise. Remember an old advertisement of Coca-Cola where it decided to launch a campaign against its now-longtime rival Pepsi, saying that it will launch a new brand of Coke. The communication strategy applied took a wrong turn, with loyal customers stocking up on all the Coca-Cola beverage in the market. Although, the company quickly discarded their campaign, the damage had already been done with millions of customers being left disappointed.

Communication is the key to success because it can make or break your image. Sending a message that can be interpreted wrongly can lead to major damage in contrast with a message that is targeted to a specific audience, keeping in mind the problems faced on an average day, the feelings associated with that problem, and the change in state that the product can bring about, if acquired.

It is very important for you to understand such concepts in order to ensure success in your business. Business coaches can prove to be immensely helpful when it comes to augmenting a business.

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