I know well enough how stressful and difficult it becomes to manage household chores with career, especially if you are a stay at home housewife and have a small baby to look for, it gets more stressful. However, if you still want to pursue your career staying at home. We can help you with that. Maybe you have already jotted down some business plans beforehand or maybe you haven’t, because you don’t know where to start from. If, you have ideas already in mind, can you be sure it will work out great for you? Do you know how to put ‘mom’ and ‘entrepreneur’ together to create a mom entrepreneur?

You can find so many women running a small business or mid size business. Almost 45% of these types of businesses are owned by women. Have you ever wondered how these mom entrepreneurs got their ideas from? The local newspaper is full of these women’s names. You want a career now, but do not want to compromise your house duties. You want to set your own working hours and do not want anyone to boss you around. It is an exciting journey, your career as well as your family- both remain undisturbed.

The number of women entrepreneurs has risen by 16% in the last few years. Women like you, want to discover ways to start your own business.

But if you are confused as to what business to pursue your career in, then we can help you. We will guide you till you find your inner passion and inner strength.

Some things to take notice of about yourself before deciding your career:

* Interests

* Personality

* Dreams

* Skills

* Values

* Work experience

* Training and education

* History of volunteering

* Inspiration

* Trends in the world of work

If you are still confused, then try to ask yourself as to what and why you always wanted to become in life? What were your hobbies as a child? Take a pen, paper, and jot down the choices that comes to your mind. Once the list is ready give it a break. After a few days, narrow down your choices and come to a conclusion. Remember, always think about your love, your passion, this way you can earn money by doing the work you love to do. If you love baking, make it your career, sell the cakes. You can feel the happiness when you earn money this way. The best part of earning is being independent. You are a free spirit, unanswerable to anyone.  You have the power to earn, you just need some time to dig into yourself, and at the end you will be surprised at your capabilities and strengths.