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Let’s face it. Most of us came into this world alone. But all, not most, of us, will leave this world alone. That’s the single, most concrete and unpleasant truth of this universe, right? It appears that our existence was ultimately programmed for solitude. We all chase after relationships and intimacy all our lives while being completely oblivious to this one truth. Some people are lucky enough to find human companions during their time on Earth while others aren’t so lucky at all. Notice that I chose to use the word “human” – this means that your companion can be a completely different being too. And I’m not just talking about animals!

Every single person on this Earth has a partner we are unable to see, but one whom we interact with on a daily basis. Guardian Angels, the magnificent beings sent to Earth by God Himself to protect mankind, stay with us throughout our worldly lives and make them a whole lot better. In many ways, they are like the ideal romantic partners, who love us unconditionally. This means no matter how many mistakes we make along the way, our Guardian Angels stick with us through thick and thin and keep on fulfilling their duties without rest. We are blessed to have these wonderful creatures expressing their undying love for us all our lives. To celebrate this beautiful relationship, I’m arranging a special date for you and your Guardian Angel on October 12th, where you can get to strengthen your bond! You can get the tickets to the event here.

In this blog post, I will shed some light on how Guardian Angels express their love for us every single day so that you are able to notice and appreciate it. Here we go!

By Keeping Us Away from Danger on a Daily Basis

People will do anything to protect the ones they truly love. They will go to unimaginable lengths to keep their significant others away from harm, despite having limited physical power. Now, just imagine what lengths our Guardian Angels, who are purely spiritual beings with an astounding amount of power and unworldly abilities, go to in order to protect us! Whether they protect us from an oncoming disaster by subliminal warnings, through direct messages or by using their physical strength, it is the purest way they express their love for us. We should consider ourselves lucky to receive glorious expressions such as these.

By Showing that They Care for Us

A partner’s best quality should be the ability to actually express their care. You don’t want the love of your life to get into harm’s way, do you? From a common cold to a life-threatening car accident, you simply don’t want your loved one to suffer from anything. So you start expressing your care. Asking them to text you when they get home, asking if they had lunch, buying them a bottle of water so they don’t get thirsty… these are the little ways in which we express our love. Guardian Angels do the same. Unfortunately, we are not always able to see that due to certain barriers set by God. But trust me, they do care and their care is far superior to what any human being could possibly ever provide. Try to notice those little signs every now and then.

By Guiding Us to the Right Path

It’s true that we should love those closest to us unconditionally but, at times, we have to step in and prevent them from going down the wrong path. This only means that we love them too much to let them deviate from the right track. That’s one of the main responsibilities of Guardian Angels – they guide us to the correct path to protect us and those around us from harm. They do not want us to make bad decisions based on evil thoughts. This makes them the perfect guardians who just want us to excel in life and avoid getting into unnecessary trouble.

By Staying with Us from the Beginning Till the End

True love is perpetual. It goes on, even long after we have left the world. The definition of a perfect partner is that they keep on loving us and stick around forever. The most beautiful thing about Guardian Angels is that they stay with us from birth till death. As highlighted above, they keep on loving us unconditionally. Their duties end only once our journeys on Earth come to a stop. In other words, their love is for life. This gives the words “till death do us apart” a whole new meaning. Only death may sever the magnificent bond between a human being and their Guardian Angel.

Ending Note

Everything considered, Guardian Angels are the purest and the loveliest companions which human beings are lucky enough to have on Earth. In simple words, they are one of the most beautiful gifts from God who protect us, guide us, care for us, and help us when there is no hope left. In the end, I would just like to point out that we should be more thankful towards the blessings we have in life and not take them for granted. The universe can be cruel at times but find peace in the fact that these divine beings will always be there to help you out and get you through the storms of life without so much as a scratch. Moreover, we should trust them and aim to establish a strong connection with them. Don’t let this love be one-sided… vow to play your part too and try to get closer to your Guardian Angel.