Whatever you see or experience is made of energy and has its particular vibration, including you or any other creature in this universe. Everything is in a steady condition of accepting and transmitting power. The recurrence of this energy falls in a range from light to dim. Light energy is endless, effortless, and established in adoration. On the other side, the dark or shadow energy is thick and found in dread. As an electromagnetic being, you pull in encounters and connections that coordinate your recurrence. 

To understand what recurrence you are vibrating at? You may detect this energy by seeing tones or hearing sounds—or you may feel it. If you stop before you think, talk, or act, you can generally believe whether you’re prodded by question, frailty, control, or the should be great, or you’re coming from a position of truth, inventiveness, or love. 

These dark frequencies block our entry into the light, but at the same time, they’re our entryway to it. Each time we face a difficult situation, strife, or choice, we are within sight of thick vibrational energy. At these times, we have a choice about how we need to react. We can go toward the light by endeavoring to gain from the situation, changing that stagnant energy into higher-vibration energy. Or on the other hand, we can remain trapped by our agony. 

You may wonder what is the objective of this energy work—so to understand that in the reality of any mystic work—is both to adjust you to the guile of your soul and to connect you with the heavenly, God, or the incomparable being relying upon how you allude to the energy present around and inside us. 

One powerful approach to work with energy—and my unanimous top choice—is to “run energy” through what we call chakras. As indicated by old Indian astuteness and the most punctual energy medication types, chakras are energy focuses situated in the inconspicuous or vigorous body. A chakra speaks to a part of the human experience and incorporates two shadow and light sides. When the chakras are unbalanced, torment hinders the progression of energy through the chakra structure, and we risk catching agony in zones of our body that can show passion and actual pressure. At the end of the day, when we are stuck inwardly, energy gets bound and can’t circle or run its course in a way it should be able to do naturally.

This activity brings the brain, body, and feelings into attunement with the spirit, reestablishing harmony inside our body. Clearing stagnant energy and interfacing with source energy hones our instinct and lucidity to utilize our inward manual for answering significant inquiries. Working with this set of tools causes us to explore life and associations without any difficulty and ease. You carry on with your life through the voice of your inner self.

First Get Grounded

The exercises and stressors in daily life send us ruminating before or stumbling about what’s to come. The act of getting grounded is simply the way toward bringing into the current second. Presence is the entryway to mending and the essential initial phase in bringing our brains, bodies, feelings, and souls into attunement.

Use Your Energy 

Now when you’re grounded, you can get energy through your chakras, purifying them by running circles and eliminating blockages. You know in a way that is better than anybody what it is that you need. Acquire that mending energy and permit it to wash through your psyche, body, soul, and feelings, so you have the imperativeness important to emanate that equivalent high-vibration energy outward. 

Spring Into Immense Energies 

Establishing energies travel upward from the earth’s focal point to fill us and clear the establishing string. Conversely, subtle energies come in through the seventh chakra at the head’s crown and travel, descending through the chakras. They go into the establishing rope and end their excursion at the focal point of the earth. 

I suggest running these energies multiple times each and envision the shadings going through your body as you do. 

It Is Reprogramming Your Energy: A profound regal blue shading that washes out thick vibrational energies from our framework. 

Clearing The Negative Energy: A neon-electric-blue shading upgrades the lucidity and extended awareness. 

 It Is Fixing The Energy: A green shading that recuperates wounds. 

The Energy Of Love & Truth: A brilliant shading that revives us with light, helping us remember who we are. 

Replace The Negative Energy. 

This final energy-mending measure is to supplant your old establishing string with a new one, realigning and securing you into the present time.

Allow all the excess energy to go through you and deliver it down your current string. At that point, eliminate that string by imagining a rose attached to the earth through its stem. The rose is emblematic of absolution and changes stagnant energy into light. 

Spot your old establishing string into the focal point of that rose and permit it to detonate over an immense sea, sending the flower petals down to be washed and recharged. Finish stages one-two, and off you go—present and in concordance.

By following these two steps, you can make sure your energy is clean and pure. 

Now, you can schedule a meeting with Luci, our inhabitant clairvoyant healer, and a tarot priestess for a lively purging meeting to leave you feeling lighter and completely loose from all the tears and fears. 

Using her abilities, Luci will take you to a deep state of relaxation using nothing but her soothing voice. She will help you reach the wellspring of your three-dimensional energy connection and provide you the channel to entwine yourself gracefully.

Luci will take you to a different level of peace and calm by taking your mind and body immersed deeply in the picture of energized lines being cut until you feel the weight’s arrival on your exhalation and celebrating the body. 

You can reach Luci on her website, email, or phone for more information about and personalized meditations, booking an appointment, and other pricing-related questions.

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