The first question you might have in your mind by looking at the title would be: Why would someone want to clear their cords? What’s the science behind this, right? Well, believe it or not, clearing cords can give you the ultimate relaxation which you might have never felt before in life, and this could be due to many reasons…maybe you are stressed out? Maybe you had a bad day? The reasons can go on and on. So, the way it works is that negative energy surrounds us every day, making you feel grumpy and unlike the person that you really are. Why? Well, the reason you feel different is because this negative energy has surrounded your soul. What? Yes, that’s right.

Now, do note that this energy is not always negative but when it is, the best way to deal with it is to perform certain energy healing practices, alongside some relaxation techniques which ensure your freedom from all sorts of negative energies that have been surrounding you all this time. With Luci using her years of knowledge on Chakra, Ancestral Generational Clearing and Healing, Mastering of Reiki Energies, she can help you clear the cords and break those barriers that are holding you back.

Clearing cords is a guided process in which you can dynamically clear them using the heavy energy sources of your life. These things can be people, places & things. It is a journey similar to that of meditation, and you forget about all your problems by clearing your soul from all forms of anxiety or any problems that might make you fuzz out. Luci, using her techniques, ensures that all of these things happen in the right manner and the proper steps to help you lead a relaxing life.

Now, you can schedule a meeting with Luci, our own inhabitant clairvoyant healer and a tarot priestess for a lively purging meeting to leave you feeling lighter and completely loose from all the tears and fears. On the off chance that you might have been feeling the hefty energies of ongoing occasions at that point or from the start; this one is for YOU! Relinquish what’s done serving you and recover your energy with Luci!

Luci, using her abilities, will take you to a deep state of relaxation using nothing but her soothing voice. She will help you reach the wellspring of your thick energy connection, and provide you the channel to entwine yourself in a graceful manner. Luci will take you to different levels of ease and calm by taking your mind and body immersed deeply in the picture of lively lines being cut till you feel the arrival of the weight on your exhalated and celebrating body.

This process is often ignored and taken jocular, but it is considered to be very powerful and has been proven over and over to completely heal your soul and engross it with the roots to stand tall and bright. All you have to do is be tranquil and follow the instructions while remaining in your most favorite and most comfortable position. Let Luci take care of the rest.

For more information about the healing of cords, booking an appointment and other pricing-related questions, you can reach Luci on her website, email or phone. Contact now to learn more about healing your cords and becoming light as a feather once again.


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