A Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons that God has given us to connect with Him and increase our spiritual growth. Looking a bit ahead at 2021, I can see that it has never been important for people to be on our knees and Pray.

What I noticed is our capacity to develop spiritually requires a deliberate and close connection with God. In connecting with Him on a deeper level, we figure out how to believe Him to do what we cannot do ourselves. Basically, what we do increases our level of confidence – in Him and in us. By using the suggested approaches mentioned below by Luci, you too can develop your faith and increase your confidence in prayers and how to use prayers to help your spiritual self prosper.

So what do I mean by spiritual growth? It is the way to spiritual development and requires a deep and individual association with prayer. It needs to be the top of our souls, and we will have to make the Lord of our spirits, and let Him operate our spirits. By permitting Him free reign in these territories, we make a chance for enduring closeness with prayer and spirit. 

Here are six different ways I increase my confidence and certainty through prayer and spiritual growth. You may likewise discover them supportive for your prayer sessions and sprit.   


As I mentioned above, prayer is one of the most powerful weapons so reach out to God through prayer and give up to him all that makes you restless and stressed. Let go of those things you are powerless over and allow God to address your issues with His excellent and heavenly arrangements. Present to Him your genuine concerns and tune in for His intelligence and direction. Do not forget to praise Him simultaneously, indicating your appreciation and thanksgiving for all He has accomplished for you. Associate with God through supplication and feel the unexplainable harmony that will ensure your heart and brain through all circumstances.

Read About Prayers and Spirit Growth

The scriptures are the main foundation of our success as they give us directions and encourage our efforts. Besides those, there are many other books which teach about spiritual growth and how to really pray with the right mindset. They offer everyday routine exercises and propose convincing standards to experience by. Make time each day to read these books in your work to comprehend God’s arrangement for you and apply His lessons to your life. Read a Study Bible of all genres for extra setting and lucidity, and some other scriptures referred to spiritual growth. Leave God’s Word alone your own compass.

Fellowship with God and Others

Keep company with God and the individuals who additionally need to develop profoundly. Gain from the experience, strength, and any expectation of the individuals who have gone before you. Tune in to and apply their insight and truth to your own life conditions. Pray together,  dine together, praise God together and  read the Bible together.  This is the manner by which we consider each other responsible and welcome assistance where we need it most.

Embrace Suffering and Adversity

Life occurs and no place does it say that existence with God makes us invulnerable to or liberated from hardships. Stretch yourself by squeezing through difficulty and misfortune. Experience enduring in all angles. It is through troubles that we create gifts and abilities that God will utilize later. It is through tough situations that we develop – in confidence, certainty, and strength. Experience the torment and commend the advancement. 

Rest and Rejuvenate 

We frequently make things harder in light of the fact that we do not set aside the effort to support and really focus on ourselves. We are not Super Heroes but instead we are people with restrictions. It is important that we perceive our cutoff points and keep an eye on our requirements with the goal for us to be our best, arrive at our most noteworthy potential, satisfy our respectable reason, and be the very individual God made us to be. Set aside a few minutes for calm and harmony, and tune in for God’s own directive for you. Be still and realize that He is God. 

Participate in Service Work

Find the occasions to help other people. Serve in service at your congregation. Serve in a local area at your nearby library or clinic. Volunteer your time and abilities to help another person. At the point when we help other people we escape self and become an instrument God can utilize. Be a good steward of opportunities for assistance; do not hesitate when the need arises and serve with a heart of willingness and humility.

Spiritual growth takes time.  Not unlike any other relationship, developing an intimate and personal relationship with God requires an effort on our part.  It requires us to be willing, present, and vulnerable.  When we offer ourselves in this regard, and follow the steps outlined above, we mature spiritually and connect with God on deeper levels and we grow in confidence – in Him and in ourselves. This all can be done through best practices to shape prayers around efficient and effective methods and mindset of spiritual growth. 

With Luci using her years of knowledge on Chakra, Ancestral Generational Clearing and Healing, Mastering of Reiki Energies, she can help you reach the levels of spiritual growth and prayers you need. Luci, using her abilities, will take you to a deep state of relaxation using nothing but her soothing voice. She will help you reach the wellspring of your thick energy connection, and provide you the channel to entwine yourself in a graceful manner. Luci will take you to different levels of ease and calm by taking your mind and body immersed deeply in the picture of lively lines being cut till you feel the arrival of the weight on your exhalated and celebrating body, and feel your spiritual self becoming rich. 

For more information about the healing of cords, booking an appointment and other pricing-related questions, you can reach Luci on her website, email or phone. Contact now to learn more about healing your cords and becoming light as a feather once again. 



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