This post is from a Facebook Live I did that I also uploaded to Youtube. The video will take you into a guided meditation that will help you start reaching for new heights and be able to help you start waking up to your purpose.

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Below is the transcription of the video I did.

Hey, hey, hey. I am going to help you clear your energy and awaken to your purpose. Today, on my Facebook Live, I am on Money Magic and Mysteries, which is my Facebook group, and I am really, really excited to help you awaken to your soul purpose, to help you bridge your purpose with your mission in your life so that you can start clearing that money boogeyman out of your closet, so that you can start raising your vibration, and so that you will be able to start creating the type of life and the type of abundance that you want in your life.

If you’re catching me on this Facebook Live and you’ve joined this group but you haven’t really gotten to know me, I want to say hey. Welcome to Money Magic and Mysteries. I’m so excited that you’ve joined and you’ve decided to check out this group because there is a lot of different groups that you can join, there’s a lot of different groups you can belong to, and this is a special feature that I’m doing.

If you don’t know who I am, hi. I’m Luci McMonagle, and I am the author of Magical Money Manifestations. This is my book. You can get this on Amazon, and you can get the Audible on Amazon, and you can also get the physical book on Amazon. It’s a pretty quick read. It’s not too difficult, but everybody that has read this book has had amazing opportunities show up in their life that they didn’t have before.

The last individual that just started reading this book and has been working with me is in sales, and they actually, for the first time in their life, after being in sales for 13 years, they got their first six figure offer on the table, very first time, and more opportunities are showing up for them as they’re starting to cleanse their energy, as they’re starting to continue to go through my book, as they’re continuing to develop spiritually.

A lot of people don’t understand that, when you are cleaning up your energy on a spiritual level, it’s just like cleaning up your house from dirt. You are cleaning and clearing the way so that you can have more money. Individuals might think, “Oh. What does spirituality have to do with money?” If you have a belief system somewhere inside of you or, worse yet, if you had some relative in the past make an oath to the church or to some other person, place, or thing, giving up all of their permissions, giving up their wealth, giving up their money, and taking a vow of poverty, then spiritual cleansing and clearing is extremely important to you.

A lot of this stuff I did not believe in. In my early 20s, I wasn’t quite sure what this stuff was. I had a lot of gifts. I had a lot of things that I couldn’t explain. I had a lot of questions, and I had no answers. If I was able to make the first crack into the poverty that I lived in to get out of that situation by making a vow that I would never, ever have to live in such misery, and, the misery I was in, I had a little baby … I always get really excited when I talk about my child. I had a baby that I loved so dearly, and I still love him. He’s perfectly fine. He’s in his 20s now. I had to start choosing between eating crackers or feeding my son.

When I talk about really helping you move beyond your limitations, I really, really mean it. I don’t mean I’m going to give you money. This is not what I mean. I have had a lot of individuals send me Facebook messages. “Hey. I’m starting a business. Give me money.” You have to do it on your own, you have to do the work, and you have to find the resources that are meant for you, specifically for that, but I understand what it’s like when you’re not sure how you’re going to pay your bills. I understand what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck wondering if you should buy food or pay rent.

I was in those precarious situations because I had a couple of things going on. The first thing I had going on and going against me is I was impoverished. I grew up in an impoverished family. I had the mindset of poverty because I didn’t know anything better than that, and I also had a relative back from the 1600s who gave up all of our property, gave up all of our possessions, and moved to America as a deacon because he gave everything to the church, not that giving things is bad. I’m not saying giving is bad. What I’m saying is is, when you make vows of poverty, when you make vows of chastity, when you make vows of whatever it is, whatever it could possibly be, those vows don’t always stay with you. You pass these things on to your children, your great children, your great great grandchildren without even intending it because it gets stuck in your DNA.

Today, we’re going to look at just one aspect of energy, and I’m going to bring you through a short process. This is not by any means the full, entire process. This isn’t even close. But I just want to get you on the right pathway so that you’ve been bumping up against the same issue over and over again, and you’re not exactly sure how to get around it, and you’ve tried to think your way through it, and that’s just not working. You’ve tried to get advice from other people. That’s not working. You’ve tried this way, you’ve tried that way, and nothing seems to be working, and you still keep hitting against the stupid wall.

This process may help you so that it clears the path. Instead of you trying to hit up against the wall, it’ll help dissolve the wall altogether. Now, this is only a small dissolution of the wall. If the wall is really, really, really big, this is only little chunks.

I’m going to do as much as I can as quickly as I can, and the couple of things that I need you to do is be in a nice, safe, comfortable position where you’re not driving, where you’re not playing on your cell phone, where you’re not having dinner cooking on the stove, and you’re taking a break, so be sure you’re in a safe, comfortable position and you’re able to go through this. Or, if you’re not, just listen to this later, and walk away from the computer.

But, if you’re ready, I’m going to start out with my little Tibetan bowl. This beautiful, small Tibetan, it’s really heavy. It weighs at least two pounds. It’s handcrafted. It used to have little lines across the top, but it’s been played so many times that the lines are not quite there anymore. This Tibetan bowl has been with me for years. It was given to me by a very, very dear spiritual friend of mine, and I utilize this to start cleansing and clearing the energy.

First, I’m going to start clearing the energy with the Tibetan bowl. … You just need to relax and breathe in. Even if you can’t hear this because it’s not real, real loud, that’s okay. All I’m doing is cleansing the outside of your energy field.

Now, take another deep breath in. Relax, and imagine, from the base of your feet, this beautiful energy going down into the earth, going down deeper and deeper through mud, rock, fire, going to the core, going to the beautiful core of the earth.

Within this core of the earth is a crystal cave, and this beautiful crystal cave has a crystal that is for you and only you, and you can feel it. You can feel the pulsation of the earth heart. You can feel this crystal. If you haven’t wrapped your energy around it yet, now, just wrap your energy around this crystal, allow it to hold you tight and easy.

Then, I want you to just imagine yourself bringing up this beautiful crystal energy from the earth, all the way up through your legs, sweeping and cleansing, balancing, purifying, cleansing your ankles, removing all shackles, bringing up the energy up through your knees, allowing your body to move with ease and with grace, cleansing, clearing, balancing, purifying, anything attached onto your knees that prevents you from moving forward into the future, moving up through your thighs, cleansing, clearing, balancing, purifying.

You’re going to purify any energies that have made you feel vulnerable on your thighs, allowing you to be cleansed from any of those energies, coming up through the base chakra, sweeping, cleansing, balancing, purifying, coming up through the sacral, which is approximately one to three inches below your belly button, cleansing your sacral, moving up through your solar plex, sweeping, cleansing, balancing, purifying your solar plex, moving into your heart and allowing your heart to be cleansed, cleared, balanced, and purified.

You want to bring your heart into rhythm with the heart of the earth. Feel the pulsation of the earth heart and your heart beating as one, beating in unison, beating with vitality, love, compassion, and forgiveness, especially for yourself and for your ancestors, to let go of harms that are holding you back, harms that you may have had done onto you, harms that you may have done unto others knowingly and unknowingly, intentionally and unintentionally.

We want to bring this beautiful heart energy up through the throat. We want to cleanse your throat energy so that you may speak with love and compassion. We want to bring this heart energy up to your mind, up to your third eye, the spot approximately a half an inch above your eyebrows in the center of your forehead. You want to allow an agreement between your mind and your heart, between your mind and your heart. You want to have this agreement that you are in unison, that you are in agreement, that your emotions and your intellect is in agreement with one another.

You want to move to the crown, the top of your head, sweeping, cleansing, balancing, purifying. Now, you want this beautiful heart energy from the earth to go straight through your body, all the way out, shooting out into the atmosphere, the stratosphere, going beyond the edge of the universe, going through the angelic realm, going through the void, taking a deep, deep breath in, catapulting straight through the void, into the light, a field of golden light, beautiful golden light. There we go. Very good. You’re doing good.

Now, attach your energy to this beautiful golden light, and allow your cup to runneth over. The cup of the golden light runneth over into your field, into this column of light that you have created and allowing this beautiful golden energy to swim, to flow, to glide down this column of energy that you have created between you, the light, and the earth, and allowing this beautiful golden energy to cascade like a waterfall down, sweeping, cleansing, balancing, purifying, allowing it to expand so that it is all the way out to your fingertips.

If you spread your arms all the way out, this beautiful, cascading, golden river of water and light is flowing through you, around you, sweeping, cleansing, balancing, purifying all of your energetic fields, removing any and all cords that are stuck, that are old, that are gunky, that have you stagnated, that prevent you from moving forward.

We’re calling in all of the archangels. We’re calling in your personal guides. We’re going to look for anything that’s preventing you from moving forward, anything from any past life, anything from any current situation that you may have been in, any cords, any attachments that are holding you back, even if they’re cords and attachments from the past that are not even from you or many cords and attachments from your ancestors that are preventing, hindering, or hiding the truth from you so that you can move forward in your life, your business, and in the progress that you are meant to make.

Clear these energies with this golden light, this golden river, and allow this beautiful golden waterfall to continue to cascade down now through the rest of your body, removing any shackles that are on your body, any devices that may be attached onto your waist hindering you from having complete fulfillment in your life, hindering you from your creativity, hindering you from anything that is allowing you to have peace, joy, happiness, more freedom, more money, and more happiness and joy, allowing this beautiful golden energy to go down into the earth and start filling up the earth with this beautiful, harmonious energy and allowing it to flood through you like a waterfall now.

Just imagine this golden energy flooding through your physical form and all around you like a waterfall, cascading down. It might be a soft, gentle waterfall or it might be like the Niagara Falls, whatever you need to keep centered, balanced, and focused, and allow this golden energy to flow, flow, flow, straight through you and into the earth, allowing yourself to breathe in this light.

Just imagine yourself breathing in this light. Don’t have to know how to do it. You don’t have to know how to let go of any of the cords or attachments. You don’t have to look for them. Just allow the golden light to do this job for you so that you just need to relax and breathe in and out. Breathe in, and breathe out and allowing this beautiful, incredible energy to start allowing you freedom. Breathe in freedom. Breathe in the word “freedom.”

Imagine. How does that feel? How does freedom feel to you? How does freedom taste to you? How does freedom look to you? What does freedom insinuate in your life? Free from anything that inhibits you, free from anything that inhibits your soul purpose to come in alignment with your soul mission because your purpose and mission are separate. It is different.

Now, we’re getting just one step closer to being able to merge these two together, to bridge practicality and spirituality together. Breathe it in, allowing the golden light to finally flow completely through you, and, now, thank the golden light. Thank the archangels. Thank your guides, asking them to continue to cleanse and clear you so that you will taste true freedom, so that you will experience what it’s like to be a celestial being in a human body and to delight in this wondrous, incredible place that we call earth and this experience that we are having together jointly as a collective and as an individual.

Now, disconnect from the golden light. Pull your personal energy through this incredible filter, all the way through the angelic realm, back into your body, all of you, as much as you can fit into your body. Now, thank the earth. Oh. You are so grateful for the earth holding its crystal energy for us and allowing ourselves to feel gratitude from the inside out. You don’t have to be grateful for any particular thing.

Just start feeling the feelings of gratitude, feeling the feelings of freedom, feeling the feelings of joy, bringing your energy up through the earth into your body, bringing all of you back together, starting to feel your fingers, starting to feel your toes, starting to feel your arms, your legs.

Stretch if you need to stretch. Oh. That feels so good. Doesn’t it? Starting to feel that freedom manifesting in your life, starting to feel that beautiful, incredible energy of creativity, of leisure, of pleasure, to experience life for what it’s meant to be experienced for, as a joyous, wondrous journey, so that we and you and I can all join together in this one, big, beautiful world and to allow yourself to let go of the pain and the suffering that you have had and to understand that everything that you have experienced in your life has been for the goal of preparing you for what you’re bringing into this world.

Whether you think it’s large or small, it does not matter. You matter. In bringing your energy into this world, it is absolutely crucial, especially at this time in our history. Feeling the rest of you coming back, all of the way fully here now. Be here now. Be in this moment. Breathe in, all the way. There we go. Now, we’ve got every one of you back together in your bodies, completely awake, completely rested, feeling fabulous, knowing that you will sleep deeply and soundly this evening.

My name is Luci McMonagle, and I am a spiritual teacher. I am a mystic wealth mentor, and I help individuals that are up to something really big, help individuals that want to create a legacy, that are already on the way of creating a legacy, and I help clear the path so that they can go from six figures, multiple six figures, to seven figures. I also help you bridge your spirituality with your practicality. I work with both men and women that are conscious and spiritual, and I help you to move through the everyday life, and I also help you move through the hardships that you face as you’re bringing your gifts into the world.

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If you already have an established business, if you’re doing pretty good, you’ve got a good system, and you’re ready to break through, there’s certain things that are preventing you from doing that, and I understand because I’ve been there, and I’ve broken through them, and I’ve had mentors and teachers that taught me a lot. But this process that I take you through, this system that I take you through, is in fact my own system that I developed many years ago, and I’ve tried and true tested it over and over again. You can go to my website. You can look at my client love pages, and you can see for yourself the results that I have been getting for other people.

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