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Everyone has dealt with intense emotions- felt at various instances such as the death of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, or an inability to achieve something that you really wanted. Other milder forms of emotion are also felt, but those are felt on a regular basis. Every human can testify to the fact that our feelings, though they are what make us human, can also prove to be extremely draining. Sometimes, we feel as if feeling nothing would be a better alternative than feeling an intense emotion.

Now imagine an empath’s life. An empath not only feels their own emotions but feels the emotions of those around them with nearly the same intensity. While this quality makes those around them quite lucky, it can become something which cripples them- draining them of energy and bringing them so down that they are incapable of functioning normally sometimes. Once the realization of being an empath has been made, the next step is to find effective coping mechanisms.

Learn to Identify Those Who Take Undue Advantage of You

When an empath is already experiencing every emotion which those around them are experiencing, they are already facing a certain amount of emotional fatigue. Empaths, because they feel so strongly, make a real attempt to help those around them- which again leads to fatigue. Sometimes, they can be even labeled as being over-dramatic, owing to this quality.

However, something which is even more dangerous is when people start making use of your abilities as an empath for their personal gain. This could manifest as emotional blackmail, pushing you to work harder to make such people happy, at your own expense.

Take Time out for Yourself

Often, empaths need time to rejuvenate and recharge. Being an empath can prove to be extremely tiring, and empath fatigue is a real thing. Learn to identify when you have reached your limit and act on this. Find ways which help you relax and take a mental health day for your peace of mind.

Learn to Limit Yourself

Another important thing is to decide on boundaries. This means you should identify actions which you will never do or situations which you want to avoid at all costs. Once this is done, stay strong in your resolve and always remain within your boundaries. This will require will-power and a strong ability to say ‘no’ when the time comes.

Dealing with being an empath can prove to be difficult, but it isn’t something which cannot be managed. Follow the steps mentioned above, and you can live a peaceful life.