Potential is a person’s ability to do something, to achieve something significant. You can, thus, say that an entrepreneur is potential personified. He or she has an inner thirst, a pursuit for excellence, for success that makes them work harder than others. Some entrepreneurs succeed in their pursuits, whereas others don’t and end up merely getting by. This sometimes happens to us because we are not aware of our true potential. Even if we are, we may not be using it to the fullest because we don’t have a direction or a roadmap, the mindset, the habits, and the persistence needed to sprint past hurdles, get over challenges, and reach the finish line. The truth is that we have a lot more potential than we realize – we just need to tap into it by having greater awareness, mindfulness, and persistence.

I have already covered the details in my live event and I am writing this blog post to go more in depth regarding how you can tap into your ‘true’ potential. But first, let’s understand what ‘true’ potential is, as opposed to what the society perceives it to be and how it impacts your success in life as an individual and as an entrepreneur.

The Society’s Rigid Idea of Potential and Its Negative Effects   

The conventional societal beliefs on reaching your potential happen to be rigid. You are made to believe that if you work extraordinarily hard, continue to push yourself beyond every barrier you encounter, relentlessly pursue your goals, then and only then you can you POSSIBLY reach your potential. As a society, we are programmed into ‘making things happen. ’You are told to ‘go harder,’ ‘push through it,’  and ‘make it happen’ at any cost! You are told to ‘Just Do it.’ You are told that in order to reach your potential, you must ‘absolutely’ do this or that or avoid doing such and such.We are conditioned into thinking in terms of ‘absolutes,’ which can be quite overwhelming. Some things are absolute, but everything? Not at all!

What’s wrong with this dogmatic approach of ‘potential’ is that you keep on working at a frantic pace, avoid taking any breaks or time off to recharge because of the inner fear of being left behind. Consequently, you end up exhausting your life force, your energy, your peace, and your joy in this tiresome process. It is as if you are an athlete participating in a marathon, always running and always obsessed with the finish line, always struggling, pushing, losing your appetite and sleep in the process. You are made to believe that being on top is the only time you should be happy or the only moment in which you can experience joy and fulfillment. And you end up wondering why you are not enjoying the journey. While it is wonderful to reach the finish line and enjoy being on top of the world, we should realize that reaching our true potential is a journey of self-discovery, a process, the means to an end, and not the end itself nor the destination.

Most of us have an idea of what we want from our lives but not everyone knows how to turn those dreams into reality. You may feel that you are doing it all, yet there will be something small but crucial, a nugget of information that you are not getting, something that is a miss from your routine. Some of you might already have tried a few things: sharing affirmations on Facebook, practicing the law of attraction, trying experiments from E-Squared (a fabulous piece of work by Pam Grout), working with coaches, and so on. Through these efforts, you feel that you might have covered a certain distance but you still find your destiny to be far, far away.

When you start tapping into your true potential and your true essence, you start tapping into your mystical qualities, your mystic potential. If you have been able to live up to your true potential, you would be able to live the life of your dreams and lead your desired lifestyle. People find the process to be a magical, spiritual, strange alchemic process and not something rational and believable. ButI wonder why it is so hard to believe that in order to reach your true potential, you don’t have to pursue a particular business degree; you don’t have to work that many hours in a day; you don’t have to work for such and such organization. You need to realize that you have an inner essence. You are the result of a wonderful, mysterious alchemy. You are a creation of all the elements put together in a fashion that was meant to be – in the way you were meant to be. Not only this, your body type is designed for carrying out your soul purpose and your soul mission so your body can support you in fulfilling it. So, how do you discover your true potential, your essence? Here are a few exercises for you to try:

Find Where You Are ‘At’ Right Now!

If you were lost somewhere, what is the first thing that you would do? You stop and try to assess where you are right at that moment by looking at the landmarks. Do this right now and try to assess where you are at present.Stop the struggle; stop trying to swim against the tide for a moment. Just carry out an analysis like an impartial third party. Do this without judgment, disappointment, and panic. Take a piece of paper and divide it into two columns by drawing a line in between. On one side, write down points regarding where you are ‘at’ right now. Then move on to the other side of the line and understand ‘how’ you reached this point. Understand ‘what’ steps you took to get here. Pay close attention to those steps. Why is it important to understand these steps? Well, if you keep doing the same things over and over again, you would stay where you are – you would stay stuck. What’s worse is that you would keep on having that longing to move towards the kind of life you desire, the place where you want to be, the position you want to be in, the things you yearn for, without actually going anywhere. Being a spiritual teacher and trained mystic mentor, this is what I do for entrepreneurs – I help them realize where they are ‘at’ in their personal lives and their professions and how they have evolved.

Find Out ‘Where’ You Want to Go

The next important step is to figure out where you truly desire to go. Most of us have a kind of dissatisfaction with our current lives, professions, and situations – we have an overwhelming desire for change. But we don’t know what we want to achieve in definite terms. Now, take the same piece of paper you have been working on. On the other side of the column, write in quantifiable, clear-cut terms where you want to go from there. Write it down like this: ‘This is what I want to do.’ ‘This is what I truly desire to do. ’You don’t necessarily have to put a timeline to it. Just be clear and precise by saying, for instance: ‘I want to own a business related to this and this,’ or ‘I want to be a multi-millionaire,’ or ‘I want to have a mass following.’ Your soul’s essence and your ‘true potential’ want you to make your goals clearer in order to make them more meaningful, deeper, and more impactful. Maybe, you want to create a business with a philanthropic edge. Sure, it would be great to think that you want to earn a million dollars in a year but what would be more profound, more meaningful, deeper, and more impactful is to create something more than you, something more than money; to create a perpetual state of good in your life that positively impacts other people. So, living up to your true potential would not mean making a million dollars a year, but doing it philanthropically, for the common good, for humanity. It means sending out good in the world through your work so that more good is returned to you by the Universe.

Find Out ‘How’ to ‘Get There’

When you are looking for something, trying to reach your destination, you try to look at a map or ask for directions so you can find the closest route to reach where you want to go. Now take the same sheet you have been working on again and flip it over. On the other side of the sheet, write down some of the things you believe you can do to tap into your true potential. Now, imagine for a moment that you have already done all of them. Now think about what you can do beyond that. Then flip the paper back to the first side and imagine that you have reached where you want to. Now, divide the paper through a line. Write on the other side some of the things that you know you should do but are not doing them consistently to create the kind of results you want. Discover what kind of systems you have in place in order for you to move forward. Are they correct? Are they sustainable? Ask yourself if your business model is sustainable in the long run and is able to run by itself on its own in case you need to step out and go on a vacation, for example. You may want to go to a beach in California or Bali or any other exotic location. Or you may want to go skiing or mountaineering as a hobby or adventure. You can’t afford to have anything holding you back, can you? So, think about what other steps would get you further along in your business and make it as automated and sustainable as possible.

You can ask yourself these crucial questions to work out a destination, a roadmap. Or, you can keep on going in circles, all day long, not asking for directions, not having a plan or guidance. What a spiritual guide does for you is that he or she helps you understand where you are and then try to chalk out easier and natural ways for you to reach your destination. To reiterate, being a spiritual teacher and trained mystic mentor, this is what I do for entrepreneurs; I help them realize their ‘true’ spiritual, mystic potential, help them discover what they are destined to do, and work out a roadmap to their destination so they can realize and actualize their potential, and turn their desires and dreams into reality.

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