Every woman entrepreneur starts with an idea and vision of a great product or service. She pours all her creativity, hopes and passion into it. What is the benefit of having a great product when not enough people are interested in buying it? Here are some tips that will help you sell your product or service successfully:

Move in the Right Circles

If your product is not for everyone, then everyone will not be interested in buying it. Identify your target audience and focus on them alone. Understand not only their demographics, age, occupation but also their, hobbies, favorite shopping and dining places, food, music, hangouts, etc. Market your product or service in those venues.

Strike a Conversation

Do not start off with a sales pitch right away; show a genuine interest in your audience. A true advantage a female entrepreneur has over others is the ability to strike a converse. Ask engaging and open-ended questions like:

  • What do you think?
  • What did you like ….or didn’t like…?
  • What is your ideal feature in …..?

Persuade Through the Gain and Loss Tactic
People are not interested in a product until and unless they are able to understand why it is important for them. You will have to elaborate not only the benefits of your product but also explain what they would lose if they will not buy your product or service. This is called indirect persuasion.

Do not be afraid to Ask For Referral and Recommendations
Shyness will not help you make any friends or sales. You need to be bold in approaching your customers. Ask your satisfied customers for any leads or referrals. Also, ask them for recommendations and reviews.

The sales factor is the benchmark of your business’s success. Want to make your product or service salable? Let Luci McMonagle, an Abundance Success Coach, help you out. Visit https://lucimcmonagle.com/