Money talk won’t come easy to all entrepreneurs, and more so if you are a spiritually-inclined, soul-centered entrepreneur and into the business of counseling and healing people. The reason behind this is that people like you intrinsically believe that it’s morally wrong to charge for your “gifts”, or that if you tell people that you are making a livelihood from these gifts, they would think you as being greedy, opportunistic or inconsiderate. Hence, the inability to communicate effectively and transparently about money matters stands as a big stumbling block for entrepreneurs in the way of thriving of their business and their own success.  Not to mention, this kind of attitude keeps them struggling financially.

What are the Signs of Money Shyness?

You break into a sweat when someone, even the people in your family, a friend or acquaintance asks you something as innocent as,

  • “How much do you charge for your services?”
  • “How much did you pay for this or that?”
  • “How are you doing financially?”
  • “How are you managing?”

You find yourself stumbling for words, as you secretly don’t want them to think that you are unscrupulous or stingy with your money. This is truer in cases, when you have taken an occupational route unlikelier than your family, like people in your family always do jobs and you have chosen to do your own business. Or that you are making far money than what your family has been accustomed of making.  We feel that if we are making less money or more than the familial status quo, people would think less of us, that they would judge us. So, we end up fumbling or fibbing.

This fear around money matters also manifests itself in other ways. For instance, when you are in in-between space, and are trying to level up your business, increase the prices of your packages, offering a new service, you again find yourself struck by inner doubts about your self-worth. It’s like having two angels on your shoulders; the angel on one and the devil on the other. On one hand, you think things like:

  • “I am ready to have a breakthrough.”
  • “I am ready to increase my rates.”
  • “I am ready to move forward.”

But on the other hand, you are thinking things like:

  • “Can I really do this?”
  • “Can I really increase my rates?”
  • “What if I lose some clients?”

It is pretty normal to experience these conflicting emotions when you are becoming aware of your true purpose, trying to awaken you soul’s true gifts, create a legacy, creating something phenomenal and attempting to bring it into the world. In today’s article, based on this Facebook Live session, I would tell you how you can overcome your shyness around money matters related to your livelihood and your business through these three top strategies:

How to Respond to Family Members Inquiring about Your Worth and Prices

If you are one of the first ones running an entrepreneurial venture in your family or running something as radical as a creative venture, a soul-inspired, life skills’ coaching or mentorship business, you might be the black sheep in the family or at least the odd one out. Your family members must be naturally curious as to ‘what’ you do for a living or how ‘much’ do you make, if at all. So, it’s a bit tricky to tread around this kind of curiosity and innocent questioning from your near and dear ones.  One good way to deal with this in a diplomatic way is to politely reply with a smile: “I make enough!” This way you don’t have to be in a position where you have to explain yourself unnecessarily to someone who cares about your wellbeing but doesn’t get you and what you do. Or, you can also tell them exactly how much you make based on the positivity in their responses.

How to Respond to Potential Clients Inquiring about Your Prices

If the person who is asking you about your charges is not someone you are that close with or you don’t know how they would respond, you can simply say: “I appreciate you asking. And if you are interested in being a client of mine then we can discuss that further, so we can determine whether or not this is a good fit for you and I.” This response is much better than the standard “Oh I charge this much for this service, or I make this much,” because you are taking one step ahead and inviting and soliciting to them to become a client and experience your service for themselves, provided there is a fit between their needs and your offerings. This way they would know that you do a particular kind of work, serve a particular niche and clientele and are exclusive and confident in what you do.

How to Respond to Someone Trying to Compare

There are individuals who would try to compare between how much they make and how much you make. In case, they want to strike a bargain or barter with you but their prices happen to be lower than you, they might say: “”Oh well there is not an equal exchange but I want to barter with you. We can’t now because you charge too much.” You might feel very conscious because of these kinds of remarks and may end up secretly questioning yourself that you might be overcharging, but don’t do that. Pay attention to not just what people are saying but how they are saying it and their respective contexts.   Whatever they might be saying might be specific to their perspective, their paradigm. Whatever they might be saying would be from their own standpoint! The value they might be offering to the world would be different from yours, which explains the difference between the price tag. So, if you are making multiple six-figure income, while they are trying to break through the six- or seven-figure income, they might feel insecure and alienated. So, don’t take anything they say  about your high prices personally.

So these are the three strategies for dealing with different types of people asking about what you do for a living, how much do you make and how you get by. One important thing I need to remind you in this regard is that you should be mindful about:

  • Who you keep around you on a daily basis, on a weekly basis?
  • Who do you hang out with?
  • Can you honestly confide with these individuals?
  • Can you truly feel safe and at peace with them?

And if you can’t feel at peace, secure around them. If they keep breaking you into a sweat on pricing and money matters, then you should keep them an arm length away, so that your own wealth creation vibe doesn’t get weakened and messed up.

Next, I would tell you how I you develop more trust in your mystical abilities and powers and your cause so that you don’t end up breaking in a sweat when someone asks you about your prices.

How to Develop More Trust in Your Mystical Powers and Your Self-Worth

Everything is about trust. It is something that you have to develop whether it is trusting yourself, other people or situations. And some of the ways that you can learn how to start trusting yourself is start having some type of a daily routine – something that you do every single day, seven days a week, where you take personal time for yourself and strengthen your wealth vibe and your mystical powers. For instance, take the extra five minutes in the shower where you meditate or you choose to do something that gives you a sense of personal pride, personal value, and personal self-love. It can be other self-care and self-awareness rituals like being in nature, stepping on grass, leaning up against a tree, talking to the elements that are around you, looking for your mystical, magical creatures that are with you. Personally speaking, I have a beautiful golden dragon that follows me around and I have the ability to draw energetics from the ethers. I’m so grateful that I have so many different abilities that I can bring into the world so that I can empower others towards conscious wealth and legacy creation.

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