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Life is a perpetual balancing act. For women entrepreneurs, it is a constant struggle, as they are often as much invested in their families, friends, and community as they are in their businesses. Yet at times, they feel, or are made to feel, overwhelmed. They feel that are they are missing on life’s important moments. If you are also prone to such guilt trips, rest assured you are not alone. Here is how you can give both work and life your due share:

Prioritize: Do not let your schedule be dictated by emergency tasks. Make lists and keep priorities in view. Decide between which tasks are most urgent but not important and which are important but not very urgent. Get some tasks done from both lists and you would feel that you have accomplished a lot by the end of the day.

Commit Selectively: It is better to under-commit than over-commit and fail. Since women are more prone to guilt trips than men; hence, they end up feeling guiltier when commitments and expectations are not met. Thus, it is better to say ‘no’ sometimes and let life take over.

Do not Do It Alone: Women are more likely to cite “family’s wellbeing through extra income” as a reason for starting a business (source: https://www.prowess.org.uk/facts). Women who involve their families and partners in work through advice and active involvement and help tend to get a lot more accomplished in a lesser amount of time.

Exercise: Successful women take care of their physical and emotional health. They try to eat right and follow an exercise and fitness routine. They understand that they have to take care of themselves in order to take care of everyone and everything else.   

Women who seek perfection in things are more prone to failure; however, those who try to manage their work in order to manage their life are more likely to succeed. Luci McMonagle, an Abundance Success Coach, can help you strike your own work life balance. Visit https://lucimcmonagle.com/