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Psychic, Intuitive Tarot Readings, Energy Clearings, Generational Family Pattern Removal,
Karma Clearing and Providing Mentoring Services.

Promotional Date is on October 24th

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Promotional Date is on October 24th

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Promotional Date is on October 24th

Why this book will succeed:

I’m Luci McMonagle and I’m known as the Mystic Wealth Creator and I Help Mystic Entrepreneurs Create More Freedom In Their Business Through Conscious Wealth Creation.

I have written my new book Magical Money Manifestations to help you transform your life for the better by developing the capacity of your mind and changing the way you think. You will start to become aware of how your former perceptions tainted your success and sabotaged you from hitting the mark.

This book is intended to unravel your full potential to manifest anything you want. I’ve also transformed my poverty stricken childhood that was filled with tragedy into a life of wealth, freedom and joy. Despite all odds I have risen from rags to riches to become highly sought after. And you can do that too. My book Magical Money Manifestations is a practical guide for you to create a more fulfilled life that you want.

Why You Should Promote This Book:

Empower your audiences and followers with Magical Money Manifestations by Luci McMonagle. My book is a practical and spiritual guide for conscious, spiritual or mystic individuals that will help them in creating a better future for themselves. By following simple exercises in this book, your audience can begin their transformational journey and uncover deep seeded belief systems they have held on for so long that do not serve them currently. Thousands of readers have found the wisdom shared in Magical Money Manifestations immensely useful, and we are sure you will benefit from it too.

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“Meet the Author”

Luci McMonagle

Author of Magical Money Manifestation


The Mystic Wealth Creator For Conscious Women Entrepreneurs

“Creating businesses that create wealth and make an impact using proven manifestation principles.”

I help women entrepreneurs scale to a profitable double six figure business so they can create wealth, and become philanthropists making a big impact in the world.

Energy Worker, Speaker, Author and is the host of the highly acclaimed Wealthy Wednesday talk show. Luci is a text book rags to riches story. She transformed the poverty-stricken life of her childhood to one of abundance, freedom, and joy.

My first book, Magical Money Manifestations: A Practical & Spiritual Guide to manifesting more Money, more Freedom & more Joy is designed to empower not only you, but to empower others. Thirty percent of the net profits for the first year from the digital book release will be contributed to Kiva.org.

Together, we take a journey of empowering you to reach your greatest potential.