Just Make | 3 Basic | Changes in Your | Mindset | & | Change Your Life| and |Destiny!|

It is a well-known concept that in life, attitude is everything. However, the practice is quite an opposite in the masses. We find it hard to change how we look at life, work, and relationships. It is a common feeling that despite our talent, dedication, and hard work, we are unable to achieve the results, wealth, and success that we want to achieve.  This kind of failure makes us feel frustrated.  In actuality, we are not victims of the universe but of our limited mindsets.

Domination of a mindset over one’s practice in life is the powerful idea behind the influential and pioneering research of the Stanford University’s psychologist Carol Dweck.  She has brought forward a research that begs to open our minds to the possibility and reality that brains and talents do not always bring success. In fact, to someone who possesses a limited mindset, brain and talent sometimes even stands in the way of success because they are self-limiting and that, acts as a barrier. So it is possible to change something we are born with i.e., our mind or change your mindset? Yes it is! Here is how:

Understand What Beliefs Are

We all have beliefs about ourselves, others and situations that are self-limiting, manifest avoidant behavior and prevent us from learning new experiences. Such as

  • This is difficult…
  • I can’t do this…
  • He is a difficult person…
  • I am always broke…
  • I am not a good entrepreneur…

Replace Self-Limiting Beliefs With a Vision

By having a vision about yourself, about what you want in life can liberate you from self-limiting beliefs and open the realm of possibilities to you. Replace your self-limiting and negative belief with positive and powerful affirmations, such as:

  • I can learn to do this…
  • I can work with him….
  • I deserve good things in life…
  • I can be successful….
  • I can earn a six figure income or more…

Break Your Vision Into Goals
Having a vision isn’t enough, you have to make an effort to actualize it. And this can be done through breaking your vision into small goals and steps, deliberate and conscious efforts and habits that can help you achieve your vision. For instance, if your vision is to be a successful entrepreneur and earn a six figure income, here are the everyday habits, goals or steps that can help you achieve this vision:

  • Learn a new skill
  • Practice it every day
  • Apply your existing talent to newer things
  • Network with newer people
  • Research newer opportunities

Mindset Coaching/Training: Why It’s Important 

Remember, the ability to alter your existing mindset will empower you, help you become a more focused, evolved and purpose-led entrepreneur and earn a six figure income, or more.
Since being our own critic and our own motivator is not always possible, here is where personal development coaches come in. They can help in shaping and shifting mindsets of entrepreneurs through their actions and words.

I am Luci McMonagle, a personal development coach. I am the creator of the Abundance Breakthrough Coach. My personal and group coaching opportunities act as a retreat for woman entrepreneur to realize, break free from the clutches of their self limiting mindsets  and shift towards a powerful, growth-oriented, dynamic one.