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Magical Money Manifestations

A Practical and Spiritual Guide for Manifesting more Money,
more Freedom, & more Joy

Get My book, Magical Money Manifestations today. It is a practical and spiritual guide that can help you attract more money, freedom and joy into your life! Get ready to change the course of your life and activate your inner greatness with the help of your intuition and divine wisdom!

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One of the best books I’ve read on the subject. Luci highlights some unique exercises to get the core of your relationship to money. It’s a great book to reread on a regular basis as a reminder of what to do and what to do when it comes to manifesting abundance in your life.
Amazon Junkie

A Blueprint to Manifesting Abundance

Money,abundance, prosperity, success – these things feel beyond elusive for so many people. In this book Luci explains why and provides plenty of tips for how you can change things. This is way beyond setting goals and paying yourself first. This book dives into the realms of energy releasing, paradigm shifting and generational healing.
Debbie Pokornik

Would you like a better relationship with money?

This book is very inspirational! The author makes it seem super easy to achieve my goals, with her positive attitude and clear, simple ideas. I love how she addresses the powerful emotional connection required for manifesting. Fabulous book! 🙂
Liberty, Inspiring with loads of great tips!!

I’m only at page 463, but the brilliance of the book hit me then and elicited an opening to more miracles, which I have been experiencing and which everyone is entitled to if we are willing to do the work. Thanks Luci.
AR, Magical Money Manifestations and Miracles

This book is gold. Luci is a positive energy that brings an abundance of smiles into your heart. Thank you for putting this book into the universe.
Alexia Anastasio, This book is gold.

Wow…lots of motivation. I haven’t finished this book but i like it anyway. Great book.
Jay, 5 stars

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This bonus series will act as a quick and easy guide for people who are looking for practical ways to apply the laws of manifestation into their lives and create an actionable routine. If you have read my latest book, Magical Money Manifestations, then this series will come as a BONUS for you! If you haven’t had the chance to go through my book, then you can try going ahead with these useful tips to avail the following benefits:

Getting rid of the negative energies in your life
Cultivating a healthy money mindset
Awakening your prosperity consciousness
Claiming your rightful money entitlement from the universe

“Meet the Author”

Luci McMonagle

Author of Magical Money Manifestations

A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Manifesting more Money, more Freedom and more Joy

The Mystic Wealth Creator For Conscious Women Entrepreneurs

“Creating businesses that create wealth and make an impact using proven manifestation principles.”

I help women entrepreneurs scale to a profitable double six figure business so they can create wealth, and become philanthropists making a big impact in the world.

Energy Worker, Speaker, Author and is the host of the highly acclaimed Wealthy Wednesday talk show. Luci is a text book rags to riches story. She transformed the poverty-stricken life of her childhood to one of abundance, freedom, and joy.

My first book, Magical Money Manifestations: A Practical & Spiritual Guide to manifesting more Money, more Freedom & more Joy is designed to empower not only you, but to empower others through donating 30% of net profits for one year from the book launch it’s through Kiva.org

Together, we take a journey of empowering you to reach your greatest potential.