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Discover How To Break Through Your Money Blocks and Start Living the Abundant Life in Today…

Here’s what Maureen Marcella said:
“I loved it. After all my reading many books by Bob Proctor and Esther Hicks I realized that Luci actually told us HOW to do it. I loved the instructions. It has allowed me to make clear sense with action steps in a way that is easy to understand. I am really enjoying this.”

Are you ready to let go of your money blocks and the frustration that you have with having a bad romance with money?
Let’s get really honest here and let me start by asking you some questions:
Do you ever find yourself undercharging and giving more to your clients then you are receiving?
Or perhaps you are doing everything you know how to get that promotion, but you keep getting passed over and your raises are smaller than normal.
Or perhaps you just found out that you are getting paid far less for your work than your co-workers and are doing twice the amount of work.

Frustrating isn’t it?
Are you feeling broke no matter how much you earn?

You are not alone and I understand how you are feeling.
The wage gap in the professional world for women is similar if you are working for a corporation or if you are an entrepreneur.

It’s the money blocks that you picked up from growing up and it’s one of the main hidden saboteurs that many women have.
These invisible barriers are the main reason women keep hitting the financial glass ceiling.

The Make Money Now Bootcamp is a 3 week program that will empower you break through the limiting beliefs and barriers that are holding you back.

After years of living in poverty, I was introduced to the concept of prosperity languaging and after years of experimenting, training others and perfecting the exact formula –

I’ve discarded what did not work and only kept the best in a concise 3 week program.

You only need about 30 to 45 mintues a day for the first few weeks to make these dramatic changes in your life and I am practically giving this away for a ridiculously low price.

Purchase yours today before this sale ends!

Here’s what you get:

  • 3 video lessons with worksheets covering
  • Discover What’s Holding You Back
  • Tap into Abundance
  • Mastermind Your Way to Make Money Now

All this Delivered to Your Inbox

No fumbling round with passwords, log in’s or other.

Just open your email and you can watch the video and download the pdf working sheets.

You will be able to really have the greatest impact and go further faster.

What we will cover:

In the first training module, I give you the exact formula you need to break through what has been holding you back from creating wealth.

In the second module you will learn how to tap into the glory of abundance.

In the third training module you will discover ways to make money right now plus it will open your mind to all of the abundance and opportunities that are all around you.


“I loved it.  After all my reading many books by Bob Proctor and Esther Hicks I realized that Luci actually told us HOW to do it.  I loved the instructions. It has allowed me to make clear sense with action steps in a way that is easy to understand. I am really enjoying this.”

Maureen Marcella

“Luci McMonagle is absolutely AMAZING!!! She has so much usable knowledge and a deep passion to help others reach their goals. I went in thinking, “Cool, I may learn some better marketing tools. ‘I left with feeling like, WOW, this lady is remarkable.’ She not only helped me with my business, but she also changed my life by helping me with choosing the proper techniques that helped me with my scatter brain thoughts and the lack of focus I had. Now I can calm my mind and focus! My life is going to change so much just utilizing those amazing tools.“

Michelle Rodman

“Before getting coached by Luci, I was feeling unworthy and insecure about myself. I felt like I kept sabotaging my ability to be prosperous and have the life I desire to have. But I didn’t know how I was doing it and was not even aware of these self sabotaging behavrious. With Luci’s guidance, she showed me the patterns and negative behaviors I was doing on myself that prevents me from truly seeing my value. Through her brilliant work, we were able to shine a light on my money problems and use it to free myself from my previous programming. I now have the tools to be self aware and also to trust myself to know my value to become the abundance magnet that I truly am meant to be. And the cool thing is that the process was playful, fun and healing. I highly recommend Luci to anyone who’s ready to express their fullest potential in the world just by tapping into their own greatness! Thank you Luci!”

Donna Arrogante

The Essence Muse, brand designer/strategist and launch expert ,

Luci is an AMAZING person whom I am privileged to know! My first call with Luci was a clearing she did on me and OH WOW!!! The things she hit on were spot on! Then nearly a year later Luci and I started to work together she was coaching me and doing more clearings on me! She could literally feel my energy from a distance! This blew me away as I would be #winning at life and get a text from Luci saying Congrats or something inspiring for me. It’s like she knew a new client signed on with me 🙂 I HIGHLY recommend Luci to anyone who is looking to increase their awareness and take their business and personal mindset to a higher level!!
Denise Dominguez

Luci is someone who will empower you to be your best self. She is extremely skilled at communicating in a way that opens up new ideas for you and keeps you empowered. The simple techniques she teaches you are things you can use to have power, confidence, and effectiveness in every part of life. Most importantly for me, I can do it with ease and grace.

Luci is a powerhouse of energy and information. I was blessed with a call from her shedding light on dark places where I am actively trying to start a Reiki business on the oceanfront helping and serving others. She began with an intense grounding that was the foundation of the hour long call enlisting the universe and angels. Shortly thereafter I had some large epiphanies of LOVE; opening up more room for wonder. Playing has taken on another activity; something I didn’t experience a lot of and am now seeing it in more ways of living than ever before!
Pamela Furno

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