Are you happy right now? If you are taking some time to answer this question, then probably you are not happy. You might be going through a rough time in your life, struggling with money, work, business, health, relationships, and wondering where you have gone wrong. You are not alone! It’s a question that many women entrepreneurs are grappling with. You realize the need of doing something that can bring you relief, yet you don’t know what to do and how to do it. Let me introduce you to a simple principle in life that would bring more happiness, fulfillment, joy, money and wealth then you can ever imagine: it’s called the principle of abundance and abundance manifestation. It’s a simple but phenomenal belief that the Universe already has an abundance of everything for everyone, including you, and that you simply have to manifest your way to it. There are no complicated procedures towards manifesting abundance but simple, mindful steps that you can take today to design the life of your dreams:

Understand Your Ability to Choose

We are often frustrated and saddened by the limitations of our circumstances or more correctly the ‘perceived limitations’. Do understand that no matter what your circumstances are, you have the ability to choose: a positive thought over another negative, one positive mood over another, a productive course of action over a destructive another, choosing to earn your living the way you want or slog through a job you hate; choosing good clients over bad ones. This crucial step means realizing that whatever the moment and occasion calls for, you have the freedom to provide it.

Realize the Great Value

Understand the value of things, people, circumstances, moments, and even emotions. Learn from them. Don’t take simple things for granted; learn to unearth their potential and use them for your advantage. Don’t focus on what you want from the client but become aware of his pressing, hidden, unmet needs. Then develop a service designed to meet these needs. Make the client aware of the value proposition you are offering to them. Enable them to understand that your offered service is precious and worthy enough to pay for.

Understand the Connection Between Joy, Creativity, and Abundance  

Don’t look here and there for ideas. Create special moments where you are able to savor a good book, enjoy good music, sit and rock on your chair, spend a day around the farmers’ market, etc. Recognize the abundance around you; allow your joy to grow so you can tap into your creative and imaginative abilities. These moments bring us lucidity and clarity of thought, enabling us to see the hidden connection between random ideas and needs, and come up with innovative ideas, products and services.

Take Inspired Action

People who think that the concept of abundance manifestation doesn’t work are sadly mistaken: it’s not a concept; it’s a way of life. It’s not about believing in the spirit of universal abundance and then sitting on your butt and waiting for heaven’s manna to fall into your lap. Sorry folks, it doesn’t work this way! Abundance manifestation is about taking inspired actions today, so as to start etching the shape of the life you truly want to lead. Think of creative ways to start manifesting some extra cash into your life: babysitting, selling art on Etsy, opening a store on Shopify…the possibilities are endless once you start thinking.

Start the Process of Discovery

Discovery is a process that’s not just external but more so internal. People keep searching outwardly for ways to make money and copy others’ ideas and done-to-death niches. No wonder they don’t encounter the same success. They need to understand the mindset of successful people and not just the way they make money. It’s a shame that most people don’t realize that the journey of discovery is intimate, personal and inwards. That’s why I encourage budding women entrepreneurs to place a free discovery session with me.

Who am I? I am Luci McMonagle, the Spiritual Teacher and Mystic Wealth Mentor.  When you will book your first complimentary Discovery session with me, I will help you understand where you are right now, where you want to go, the special gifts and talents you have, which ones would help you in reaching your destination, the limitations standing in your way and how to remove them. I encourage my clients to be curious, open-minded, have the passion to explore new ideas, learn radical ways for creating and leading a life brimming with magic, miracles, wealth and abundance. Book a Discovery Session with me Today!