Manifest an Abundance Mindset through five Simple Steps

The figure on our paycheck is important undoubtedly but our attitude to money and wealth is what is equally important and at times, perhaps the most important thing in life. You work hard and make some money too at the end of the day but may also keep feeling exhausted, broke and poor nevertheless, and feel that it would never get any better. Sounds familiar? You probably are experiencing a money blockage.

What are Money Blockages?  

A money blockage is nothing beyond bad attitude that stops money from flowing in, creates obstructions, and hidden leaks. It manifests itself as,

  • the perception of never having ‘enough’ money
  • the memories of being broke, in debt, homeless, living on charity or welfare
  • the despair of staying stuck in a dead end job
  • the fear of your business never taking off
  • the resentment of others having more than you

These fears and bad memories develop a ‘victim mindset’ and in turn attract even more bad luck and financial crises. Therefore, you need to understand the root cause of your fear and despair towards money and work to eliminate it. When you start clearing away the mental clutter, negative energies, and money barriers, you will become a powerful magnet, radiating positive energy and attracting abundance in your life.  Make small but mindful changes in your work habits and your outlook towards life and money:

Radiate Positivity

When you go to your business place with an abundance mindset, your energy and confidence level would be high. You would be able to attract people, influence and convince them in a better way and create opportunities.

Practice Gratitude

One way of breaking free of the victim mentality is to start your small business with the feeling of being grateful, blessed, and fortunate for health, having opportunities, time, skills, having friends and family. Start your workday with this positive mindset and see your day transform from ordinary to extraordinary.

Live Frugally

A good life or business is not built through wasting money, splurging on fancy stationary, and furniture, etc.  Frugality means living and working within your means. It means spending your money as well as energy and time wisely and strategically to grow your business.

Enjoy What You Have

Do not mistake frugality for stinginess. Do not hoard everything away! Spend something on yourself instead of materialistic things. Do not forget to appreciate the simpler pleasures of life and enjoy them while growing your business: read a good book, have a cup of coffee, take a trip to the seaside, a spa, a trip to the mall with your kids.  Rewarding yourself often with these experiences will help you appreciate the here and now and feel richer already!

Give Something Back

No matter how little you make, make it a rule to set aside some money or time for someone else in need. Do it without expectation of a return or a reward. The more you will give others, the more the universe will give you back through mysterious ways.

What helps us through testing, trying and bad times is the attitude. Recognizing and removing my own money blockages helped me start attracting abundance, wealth, freedom and joy in my life. From being a broke, single mom, I was able to start my own business at 25, pay for my education, my own car, and house within a few years. Schedule a complimentary session with me today to learn the ways of manifesting abundance in your life.