“Everything You Need To Make Big Money Online In A Business That Aligns To Your Purpose Everything You Need To Create Wealth…”

Would you like to:

Break free from the roller coaster income and create a solid foundation for your business to support a life you

Be free of money blocks clearings so you can receive ever increasing income with abundant FLOW;

Your personal power and increase your magnetism to bring clients/customers into your business with EASE;

Your legacy that makes an impact in the world and gives you the freedom to live your life more fully fulfilled;

Improve your ability to attract all the right clients in a steady stream of flow so you can END the frustration of the feast or famine income cycle once and for all;

Feel supported as you build a solid business that fulfills your purpose, so you don’t feel alone and you minimizes minimize mistakes, therefore save yourself a lot of time and money.

YES! It is possible and it’s not as hard as you might think.

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Revealed! There are four areas that will allow you to succeed in your life and business. When combined properly, you will have the most exciting breakthroughs! These same techniques and training have helped thousands of entrepreneurs create millions … and

These breakthroughs combine the four necessary elements for building a solid foundation for your service based business…

1. Mindset

2. Spirituality

3. Lifestyle

4. Business

Many programs on the market today leave you confused and frustrated because they only include one or maybe even two aspects you need to have success. You can have all of the systems, trainings, and programs that you can bear, but without a solid mindset and understanding the natural spiritual laws of manifestation as the basic foundation that will allow you to build the lifestyle and business you desire – you will fall short and not create the success you so deeply desire.

I’ve seen this over and over again and I personal have fallen prey to believing that


· the right packages,

· right structures,

· the right opt in gifts,

· the right signature talk,

· the right …

Then my business would soar! BUT –  I had it all wrong as I left my spiritual self on the back shelf and I forgot about all the years of the mindset training I did to manifest millions while working part time. Once I combined these four elements and taught these to my private clients – they went from frustrated to flying. Once I started to apply these four elements in my own business and I began to train my clients on how to apply them – we all started to soar in our personal life and in our businesses because we had BALANCE and we changed the struggle into ease.

Are you ready to go from STRUGGLING TO EASE?

This program covers all four aspects that not only make you wildly successful, but they will also ensure you have a balanced foundation.

These same techniques work regardless of your service based business – Coaching, Therapist, Speaker, Author, Energy Healer, Consultant, Bookkeeper, Social Media Manager, Copywriter, Virtual Assistant, NLP Practitioner,  If you have a service you provide, this is the Program for You.

You may be frustrated and in pain. You heard that webinars will make you millions, but the ones you may have done failed and you felt worse than ever before. I understand what you are going through and I get it.

This program prepares you for manifesting the impact you desire.

You’ve known that there was something missing and you may have even felt like giving up. Maybe you felt like you’ve been the best kept secret and if you only had your big break you’d make it.

Maybe you’ve felt like others have the key to these secrets, but they are not letting you in on it. These secrets have been holding you back from consistent and thriving.

I will tell you the secrets and show you how to use them too!​

Did you start your business because you wanted the freedom? And now you are slaving away working long hours and don’t know when you are going to start making consistent income?

You know you have the skills and you are intelligent. You work hard and ready to put in the hours. You may have even said to yourself, “How Hard Can It Be?”


Your cash flow is shaky and your expenses are out of control.

You’ve watch summit interviews with experts. You’ve joined groups on Facebook. You may have even hired a few specialty coaches so you could improve your speaking, or get your elevator speech just right. But your business foundation is looking like a Hodge-podge and you are not really sure what else to do.

You became an entrepreneur because you wanted to make your life easier, not more complicated.

Let’s remove the overwhelm from the process so you can have more EASE and GRACE in your Business…

This program will set up your foundation or make sure it’s solid, plus will help you grow your business too…

We will focus on getting you the right tools for where you are right now and it’s limited to under 30 participants so you will get personalized support directly from me (not someone I hired to manage this program)

And I will give you what you need now, Not something you’ll need sometime in the future.

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If you are interested, but are not sure if it will fit your circumstances, click on my picture, answer some questions and we will talk one-on-one. No high pressure as it’s as important to me this is a fit as it is to you or go to http://www.speakwithluci.com/


Break free from the roller coaster income and create a solid foundation for your business to support a life you love;

Be free of money blocks clearings so you can receive ever increasing income with abundant FLOW;

Increase your personal power and increase your magnetism to bring clients/customers into your business with EASE;

Build your legacy that makes an impact in the world and gives you the freedom to live your life more fully fulfilled;

Improve your ability to attract all the right clients in a steady stream of flow so you can END the frustration of the feast or famine income cycle once and for all;

Consistent income flow on auto-pilot so you have more free time to do other things that you love;

Feel supported as you build a solid business that fulfills your purpose, so you don’t feel alone and you minimizes minimise mistakes, therefore save yourself a lot of time and money.

Yes, it is possible to have a thriving business. I know because I’ve been where you have been. I found what works and what doesn’t work. I broke through the barriers against all odds

I went from confused to building my own 100K per year business that I Love and it allows me to be excited when I wake up in the morning! Now I have consistent income and program launches that are balanced with ease.  Now I can honestly say I LOVE MONDAYS!

I went from being a worry wart and wondering how I was ever going to make more income than I was spending to easily bringing in the income I desired when I desired it. Plus having the extra money to upgrade to First Class flights and hotels when I desire.

I went from feeling like I was in an endless feedback look and stressed out to being in the flow of abundance while trusting that everything I desire is available when I choose to manifest it.

I’m Luci McMonagle and I transformed my poverty stricken childhood that as filled with tragedy into a life of wealth, freedom and joy. Despite all odds I have risen to become a highly sought after abundance coach and be known as the Mystic Wealth Creator. I learned how to fully step into my true inner power and discovered how to rule my world with ease and grace while having all of the wealth I needed to do so. Today, I empower women entrepreneurs like you how to step into your true power and how to use alchemy to manifest your dream life and business.

But it was not always like this for me. I grew up in an area that did not honor woman having a career or making money. I was expected to be “barefoot and pregnant” and I was expected to never have any greater dreams than learning how to cook, clean, and live my life for my partner.

My mom did not teach me this, but the society I was in had these unspoken rules that I never fully understood. At times I feared for my life. I refused to accept this close-minded attitude and I moved out of my little home town the same month I graduated from high school. I knew there had to be something better for me, but I didn’t know what. I had to trust my intuition and be true to myself in order for me to move beyond my impoverished upbringing.

Now, to avoid any misunderstandings, I completely support whatever a woman chooses to do. My sister only desired to have kids and raise a family and I love and supported her choice. But for me, I knew I wanted a life of wealth and prosperity. I wanted to create an impact and be an example for others that choose a different way of living. I wanted to be true to myself.

I desired to have money, freedom, and joy. I wanted to make this world a better place in whatever way I could. But I also knew that in order for me to have that kind of impact, I would need financial independence. And I knew I could work smarter not harder.

When I lived in that small town, I watched woman be belittled, badgered and forced to give up on their dreams. Some have given up so much that they can’t even remember they ever had any. They just do what is “accepted” and are “good girls” so they don’t rock the boat. Seeing the light, life and joy go out of their eyes as I grew older scared me in a way that I could never subscribe. I also knew that I could never give up on my dreams.

I have a Vision to empower women entrepreneurs that will be create a legendary business and become a Powerhouse for Global changes. Are you ready to become a Visionary Entrepreneur and Powerhouse?

Talk to Luci

I am here for your questions and to ensure this is a fit for you. Click on my picture to talk to me directly.

These discoveries changed how I perceived money and what it really meant to me. I exposed that even though over 96% of woman want to have more money in their business, 82% of them have hidden fears that prevents this from happening. This challenge is faced by many woman entrepreneurs on their way to being financially independent. A challenge that I solve.

Among these discoveries, I took notice on how woman tend to build and grow their business differently than a male would do and this difference needs to be taken into account for creating her empire that she desires to build.

Together we will go through removing internal blocks, learn the art of manifestation, tap into YOUR infinite potential and access the field of possibilities.

I studied with the Masters of Alchemy and Energy. I learned the secrets of the ancients and the ones that apply for today’s society. I combined this with practical business steps and know how to complete the full picture of how to successfully run a business.

Just imagine…

Knowing what you need to do to manifest more money.

How to truly discover who you love working with and how to attract them.

Flying first class to conferences and staying at five star hotels because you want to.

Imagine setting up your business that is in alignment with your Soul Purpose, tapping into your true essence of manifestation. And being able to choose to work part time or full time while loving every moment of it!

Imagine taking simple steps that anyone can do that will give you results beyond your Wildest Dreams and know that your prayers have been answered!

Imaging living the life you dream of. Imagine the freedom, the wealth and the impact you can do with the money you make with ease and grace.

Would you like to wake up excited for a new day, a new beginning and a new way of living?

What would your life be like if you could spend time with your family without worrying about the money?

What would you do if you really could have a business supporting you and the universe giving back to you in ways you haven’t even thought about yet.

How would you feel if you could “really” take a vacation and you had the support you needed to fully unplug and experience living life like a passionate love affair?

And it’s more than just possible – it becomes a way of life for you! This is how Manifesting Wealth Feels…

I desire for you to have miracles and magic while experiencing more money, freedom and joy. I am excited and honored to invite you to join me in the Manifesting Wealthy Group Coaching Program.

Manifesting Wealth is about creating the foundation for you to have financial independence with freedom and joy. It’s about stepping into your personal power and choosing how you want to design your business around your lifestyle.

You will learn how to be harmonious with your goals, dreams and how to know when to work and when to play.

My clients have experienced quantum leaps in their business and life. Many have been able to accomplish their dreams and start to create the impact they desire in their world.

I have seen my clients go from zero clients and struggling for years to having a list of clients waiting to work with them. And I’ve seen my clients go from struggling to meet the rent to manifesting over 100K per year with ease. Some even are setting themselves up for multiple 6 figures.

Most of the work is an inside job, with deep inner exploration, showing up for your life and business and doing what it takes to succeed.

Today, it’s your time. It’s your turn. Get ready to impress yourself.

If you are ready to be in alignment with creating miracles and magic in your life and business without the smoke and mirrors – and you are ready to start creating wealth, then you have arrived to where you need to be.

There is no doubt at all that this works. I have taught hundreds of woman the secrets of manifestation and I can teach you how to make it work for you.

Now it’s time for you to really ask yourself:

Are you ready and willing to truly transform your life and business so that you create lasting WEALTH so you can experience more money, freedom and joy while making the impact you desire?

Are you ready to have a business that allows you to have EASE and GRACE?

To create a business that will allow you to dare to live out your wildest dreams?

To have a business that fulfills you, manifests the money and allows you to make the difference in the world you desire?

Yes, I am ready!

Talk to Luci

I’m here to support you. Talk to me if you would like to ensure this is a fit. Click on my picture to go to my online calendar.

My freedom based business has given me the ability to:

Travel First Class all the way

Live where I desire and explore different cities

Meet amazing woman world-wide and get top notch training from the best mentors

Spend my summers with my family in Upper Michigan

Expand my horizons, raise the vibration of myself and this planet and allow money to flow to me from multiple sources

Live my life in full expression of my true soul self while having the freedoms most dream about

And so many other benefits… all of which I can train you to experience in your life!

You can design your life and business too.


Manifesting Wealthy Group Program is a 12 month group coaching program that will teach you the four main elements of wealth manifestation. You will understand your money mindset, create a community that empowers you, get clear on your short and long term visions, discover who you are meant to work with, raise your energy and wealth vibration, learn how to manage your money, and create the foundation for your business that will support you as you grow and expand.

After this program (provided you do the inner and outer work), you can expect to experience:

  • Having a solid foundation for your business to support you
  • Create consistent monthly net income ($3K, $5K, $7K, $11K plus per month)
  • Attract your ideal clients that you enjoy working with
  • Wake up excited to start manifesting your dreams
  • Become a money magnet and alchemist for manifestation
  • Have highly praised secret tools easily accessible for you to clear your issues, tap into your soul purpose and get a quick yes or no answer without “trying” to figure out if you should or should not do something
  • Know how to create a strong community online and off line so you have access to those that are eager to work with you
  • Develop fantastic relationships with others without the old frustrations you may have had
  • Increase your self-love, self-confidence and your self-worth
  • Have the right structures, systems and resources you need to be consistent in making money
  • Plus much more without overwhelm! You are only limited by how much internal work you are willing to do.

This program has completely changed others on how they see life, perceive their money, and it has enhanced their relationships. It is powerful, yet gentle. Here’s what others say:


After this program (provided you do the inner and outer work), you can expect to experience:

Marisa Molina

Hello Beautiful Health​

My main hesitations about working together would be whether it would work for me. I have participated in a lot of different coaching programs and nothing seemed to cause the breakthrough I desired.

Luci provided me with clear strategic actions to take and really helped me to transform the negative self-talk that I have about myself and removing fear and anxiety, completely elevating my level of confidence.

Bottom Line: Luci’s coaching program is Absolutely phenomenal! It has been life changing. I am beyond grateful for being free from anxiety all because of the work we did with each other. It really gave me the confidence to make big moves within my business. I work less, take care of myself more, and no longer live in the world of overwhelm. I can truly enjoy what I do for my business and in my life. What I have accomplished working with Luci has not only been valuable to my business, but to my life, in what I am capable of accomplishing and reaching for my dreams.

Donna Arrogante

The Essence Muse, brand designer/strategist and launch expert www.theessencemuse.com

“Before getting coached by Luci, I was feeling unworthy and insecure about myself. I felt like I kept sabotaging my ability to be prosperous and have the life I desire to have. But I didn’t know how I was doing it and was not even aware of these self-sabotaging behaviors. With Luci’s guidance, she showed me the patterns and negative behaviors I was doing on myself that prevents me from truly seeing my value. Through her brilliant work, we were able to shine a light on my money problems and use it to free myself from my previous programming. I now have the tools to be self-aware and also to trust myself to know my value to become the abundance magnet that I truly am meant to be. And the cool thing is that the process was playful, fun and healing. I highly recommend Luci to anyone who’s ready to express their fullest potential in the world just by tapping into their own greatness! Thank you Luci!”

Earl J. Katigbak

Luci wasn’t afraid to deal with heavy issues. Money issues are usually linked to problematic or traumatic events from one’s past and it’s as though you knew what to say. I also appreciate that she never gave up on me, even when I wanted to. She combined Karma clearing with practical, proven advice. And she is very bold in expressing the importance of your spiritual work, in tandem with the practical side.

Bottom Line: If you feel like you’re stuck in a financial quagmire, call Luci now! Her approach to helping people with money breakthroughs is legit. I went from practically trying to throw my money away to being in the flow. I now know my life purpose, I have people approaching me for speaking gigs, just published a book, and I feel very blessed to be where I am. Thank you Luci for believing in me, even when I couldn’t.

Michelle Rodman

I liked how I felt completely comfortable with Luci, I didn’t feel the anxiety that I would normally feel and working with Luci was absolutely AMAZING!!! She has so much usable knowledge and her passion to help others reach their goals. I went in thinking “Cool I may learn some better marketing tools. I left with feeling like WOW this lady is remarkable.” She not only helped me with my business but also she changed my life by helping me with choosing the proper techniques that can help me with my scatter brain thoughts and lack of focus. My life is going to change so much just utilizing those amazing tools. I liked how I felt completely comfortable with you, I didn’t feel the anxiety that I would normally feel. THANK YOU Luci!

Wealth will come to you with EASE and GRACE. It will become a way of life for you!

What’s included in the Manifesting Wealth Program?

  • 24 group calls with Luci McMonagle (using Zoom) – so you can be anywhere in the world
  • Monthly instructions and training modules with fill in the blank templates, samples, etc.
  • Guided meditations that you can download and use daily
  • Private Facebook Group where you will have group support from other members (you will be expected to participate)
  • Special group clearing that will be included in the group calls so you can find and eliminate blocks that are holding you back
  • Wealth Resources that will help you stay organized (worksheets, check lists, + more)

Sounds great, right? Now, let’s break it down.

Ready for Manifesting Wealth?

The Manifesting Wealth Program is for you if…

  • You have a service based business – coach, consultant, mentor, healer, therapist, etc.
  • You are ready to take your business online and make money
  • You are tired of the roller coaster income and are ready for manifesting consistent income
  • You are ready to fully step into your personal power and grow your business.
  • You know you have innate gifts and are ready to have them blossom so you can use them
  • You desire to have more money, more freedom and more joy in your business and life
  • You want to design a business around your lifestyle
  • You are ready and willing to do what it takes to create a solid foundation for your business
  • You are committed to accepting full responsibility for yourself including how you are showing up in this world, what you are choosing to create and how you want to participate in life
  • You are open to asking for support, are ready to fully participate in a group program and have a strong desire to make this happen so you can be of service to the world
  • You want to have a clear vision, empowering support and a powerful community
  • You are ready to have better relationships with yourself, money, others and your tribe
  • You desire a deep sense of inner peace from which wealth, freedom and joy spring forth

The Manifesting Wealth Program is for you if…

  • You blame others for not being farther along in your business or …
  • You want someone else to make your business work for you
  • You have an issue with having to control everything and are not willing or ready to let go of your micromanaging
  • You believe that if you just have a magic bullet then it will all work out
  • You feel that you shouldn’t have to “work” for your money
  • You are not willing to discuss money, look at your bank account or learn about how to create a positive net wealth
  • You are not willing to creating a telesummit to build your list
  • You don’t like change
  • You alright with being inflexible, broke and not making money
  • Your only desire to create money no matter who it hurts
  • You are not ready to become fully visible or make an impact on the world
  • You are not ready to invest in yourself or your business
  • You don’t believe in miracles, magic, manifesting, woo woo stuff or energy
  • You are not open for expansion, change and manifesting miracles yourself
  • You are not willing to do the deep inner work that is required to remove the blocks that are truly preventing you from having the financial freedom, time freedom and joy
  • You start things, but don’t finish them

More Results from Manifesting Wealth Program:

  • Creating Miracles and Magic in your life. You will start to notice changes in your environment that your life may go through some chaos as the universe is putting the pieces in order
  • You have a different perception on money, wealth, relationship and business. You will discover hidden behaviors, beliefs and actions you did unconsciously in the past. Now you have the power to change these sabotaging things and be fully aware of it.
  • A foundation that supports your business. You will have the systems that create a solid foundation for your business and will have the strategies you need for attracting more clients.
  • Deep Inner Peace. You will experience a sense of peace that allows you to make healthy decisions.
  • A wealth business plan that will allow you to build your business. You’ll have a vision, the tools and the knowledge to build and grow your business so you can stop just getting by.



Bonus #1:

Special Group Deep Energy Clearing Call that will clear generational and lineage attachments that harm you and your family. This special Clearing is what I use for my high end clients that reap immediate results! This will remove anxiety, fear, poverty attachments, bad luck, imbalances, frustrations, and so much more!

Bonus #2:

Abundance Breakthrough Beyond 100K Bundle: Get access to my private membership website with over 40 expert interviews from two of my former telesummits. These will help you know what telesummits look like after they have been completed and how you can create money from it.

Bonus #3:

Awakening the Divine from Within Retreat

A 2 Day Weekend Group Live (in person) Event in Arizona. You can arrive Friday evening and leave on Sunday evening. This retreat will bring your true soul essence to the surface and you will know how to use your intuition, what is the best path for profits you need to take and it will help you break through any barriers you’ve had been resisting thus far. Plus we will be having small group masterminds for forming a better business and I will be providing you with special trainings, energy activations and lead in special activities only my highest VIP Clients have privy to.

$3000 Value, and it is priceless with the transformation you will walk away with!

( Tentative date is currently October 20 – 22, 2017 ) ** NOTE: Travel, Lodging and Meals are extra (they are not included) **

Please Read the Full Program Agreement Details

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this program in person?

No. It is a virtual program and you can be anywhere in the world to attend. The only in person component is the Bonus Live Event.

What do I need in order to attend this program?

You will need to have a computer and internet access. An interest to succeed and some ambition.

What if I can’t make all of the virtual meetings?

You can send your questions before hand and I will answer then on the call and you will receive the replay of the call.

When will this program begin?

The orientation is scheduled for May 2017. Coaching calls will be the first and third of the month. Some dates will change with advance notice due to my travel and speaking schedule.

When is my payments due?

Your first payment is due when you purchase the program. Each additional payment will be 30 days apart.

Who will this program work for?

This program is designed for entrepreneurs that have an existing service based business, but does not have your structures set up and are ready to create a solid business foundation. It is designed to empower you to have a vision for your business where you will be able to start creating the global impact and start designing how you would like to create this as a legacy business.

Do I have to work on the money mindset stuff to make this work for me?

Yes, mindset is the main key to make any business success weather you are at $500 a month or have a million dollar a year business.

Why is this program for 12 months?

It takes time to create a solid business that will ensure you will be able to make it last. I don’t know if I’m ready to commit to a full year. What do you recommend for me? I understand that this can be a scary commitment. If you are serious about creating a business that is solid, then you need to fully commit. This program is designed to ensure you will succeed. You will not succeed at anything if you are not committed to success.

I’ve worked a lot on my mindset and I don’t know if this is going to work for me?

Different methods work for different individuals. You may have cleared a lot of mindset issues. This program goes deep into your hidden mindset issues you may not be aware of. We uncover what is holding you back and clear them with various techniques. My 20 years of experience will help us laser in on the limiting beliefs you have and be able to free you from their sabotaging effects.

I would like to be in this program, but I don’t have the time. What should I do?

As with any program or commitment, we always will find the time for the things that are important to us. If you truly do not have any time, then this program is not for you. If you watch television, then reducing time from that to work on your business will be where you find the time.

I want to, but I don’t have the money. What do you suggest?

This program is designed to get you started at creating more income. It will also help you find hidden money in your life and business. If you are struggling to buy food or keep a roof over your head, this may not be the best program for you at this time. If you are open minded enough and are ready to dig in and put in the work, then you will start to find money for this when you make a solid decision to be in the program.

I can’t join this program now. Will you have it in the future?

After the registration for this program is closed, we will be accepting applications for the next one. What will you lose if you have to wait another 6 months or another year? Will you lose out on the benefits of creating a solid business now? It’s best to ask yourself if you really want to be in the same situation you are now next year?

Why is this program different?

This program combines the 4 major elements you need for success in your business. Mindset, Spirituality, Lifestyle and Business. Other programs only touch upon 2 out of the four elements that makes businesses successful. This program also sets a solid foundation and then teaches you how to do telesummits. Coaching on telesummits alone have sold for 2K to 6K alone and in those groups – you do not have the foundation you need prior to creating a successful telesummit.

Is this a religious program? Do I have to be a certain faith?

This program is not a religious program. You so not have to have a certain faith. The spirituality we are working with are the natural laws of manifestation. They do not have a certain creed, religion, or belief. If you are opposed to me using certain words because you associate them with a religion or dogma, then this program might not be for you.


I’m ready, but I still have some questions and would like to Talk to Luci.

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Answer a few questions and you will be given a link to be on my calendar and we will ensure this is a fit for you.