Manifesting Wealth Out of Thin Air

When you find yourself covered in debt from head to toe, your ATM card screaming DECLINED and all your cards flashing the same signal: ‘Zero Credit’, you finally get hit by the harsh realization that your life is  simply sliding down a dark pit! You have messed up!

If you can relate to this situation then you need to wake yourself up and grab a notepad to work on the reasons that led you to this state.

Let’s start from the beginning and analyze the situation. What lead your business to failure? Was it your over confidence, or the lack of one?

Now, the real reason behind your failure was that you gave up. You gave up on business strategy and went off the path you should have treaded. When you earned you didn’t save or reinvest a certain amount, but you simply took it all and used it up. You were too much in a hurry to look rich!

It may also be the fact that you compromised your self-worth and misjudged your value. Instead of properly calculating your skill’s worth and pitching the same charges to your customers, you became too conscious of yourself, and offered your high-end services in extremely low prices. This made you end up in a state where your cost and your profit simply became equal making you stand at the same spot where you were in the first place.

And thus, began the downfall of your business, as you were not even able to afford paying your bills after sometime. And this, my dear, is how you lead your dreams and career to failure!

Now that you understand the reasons, you should start paddling up towards the solution. You can transform your life this very minute by just altering the state of your mind! Sounds unbelievable, but its true! The biggest obstacle in your way of creating wealth out of thin air is your own mind! As soon as you change your mind set, things will start to change for the good.

How To Alter the State of Your Mind?

When you think like a poor person, for obvious reasons, your mind will conjure up a list of the reasons why you cannot get the money that you need. This is because you will be feeling hopeless in that particular situation, and your mind enters a state where it will never avail any opportunity to get the money even if it knocks on your door. However, a rich person’s mind travels in the opposite direction. While they know that they need a certain amount of money, they realize that it is a temporary situation and soon they will be able to plunge out of it. And that is how their mind begins to generate hundreds of ideas on how to obtain that money.

Take Virgin Atlantic Airlines for an example, Richard Branson, the owner of the airlines, wanted to install seatback TVs on his plane, just for the sake of having them on-board. However, he had to raise around $10 million to do that and the banks had refused to lend him. But one day, he realized that if he really wanted to manifest wealth, he had to dream bigger, and so, he contacted Boeing, who was a reputed manufacturer of airplanes, and asked him to create 12 new airplanes for his airlines.

However, there was this one condition that he put forth, and that was to have seatback TVs installed into them. What do you think happened next? Boeing definitely agreed and Virgin ended up raising $2.5 billion! See what happens when you alter the state of your mind! It is extremely important to believe in yourself, if you want to achieve your goals!

Implementation of Manifestation Principles

If you want to manifest money out of thin air, you need to follow some basic manifestation rules. First of all, write down the amount of money you need to collect and why do you want it. Then, imagine that you’ve got all the money that you need, and jot down all your feelings on to a piece of paper. Once these things are clear, start listing the ways you think you can obtain that money. Start by 10 and gradually increase to 50.

It may seem impossible at first, but trust me, when you start writing, ideas will miraculously take birth in your mind! Sooner or later, you will realize exactly what you have to do in order to get that money. Once you implement your ideas, I guarantee you that you will be able to gather all the money that you want and more!

However, remember that this process is USELESS if you do not BELIEVE in yourself! And this is what I aim to do, as a Mystique wealth creator, by empowering conscious women entrepreneurs to creating businesses that create wealth and make an impact using proven manifestation principles!

When you align with the Laws of Manifestation and to your soul’s blueprint, whilst utilizing your higher gifts, you can use your power to create social change and transform the world through your own personal transformation.