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Human beings are one of the most vulnerable creatures when compared with other life forms on this planet. Right after you were born, you were unable to walk. You were brought up with unconditional love, care, and protection from your family. Without all of those things, you would never have lasted a second on your own. Spiritually, we are extremely powerful and have the ability to overcome all challenges, provided that we struggle for it. However, physically, we aren’t so strong and are susceptible to disease and weaknesses. The point is, in this worldly life, we need constant protection and assistance from other beings to survive and go about our daily lives. Unfortunately, not every person on this planet is lucky enough to have people by their side at all times. For that very reason, God has appointed Guardian Angels who stay with us from the day we are born till the day we die. We are unable to see these majestic beings but they are always with us, watching over us, ensuring we stay out of harm’s way and don’t ruin our lives with silly mistakes.

That being said, we live in a world of distractions. Modern technology has increased the distance between us and the spiritual realm. Think of your Guardian Angel as your romantic partner, who is always there to help you through thick and thin. And like all loved ones, you need to work on your relationship every now and then in order to connect more with your Guardian Angel. This will open doors which you never even imagined and make your life significantly better! To help you in this regard, I’m soon going to set a date with your Guardian Angel. You can get tickets here.

Meanwhile, in this blog post, I will discuss some tips which you can use to mend your relationship with your Guardian Angel. Let’s start!

Get to Learn More about Guardian Angels

To get closer to your significant other or any loved one, you need to get to know more about them – that’s the basic rule of love. The same thing applies to Guardian Angels. To strengthen your relationship, you must understand more about Guardian Angels, their history, their purpose, and so on. For this reason, read different books and blogs about them. Watch videos discussing their existence. Or better yet, meditate and try to directly connect with them – ask what your Guardian Angel wants you to do and in what ways you could get closer to them.

Mention Them in Your Prayers

Prayers are the most powerful tool that human beings have been blessed with – they have the power to change destiny itself. If performed correctly, you can accomplish almost anything you want in this world. To pray, close your eyes, think of the things that your heart desires, and ask God to make it all come true. While praying, you could try mentioning your Guardian Angels as well. This will delight them and win you their approval. You’ll start noticing the difference yourself and find your prayers being answered more often.

Create an Altar for Your Guardian Angel

An altar is any space (at home or work), designated for spiritual enrichment and/or praying. It’s where you channel the divine and get closer to the spiritual realm. You can even build an Angel altar for your Guardian Angel, where you can establish a direct contact, have deep, meaningful conversations, and just get to learn more about them. This would surely bring your Guardian Angel much closer to you than they already are, reducing the gap and allowing you to interpret their signals in a much better way! You’re going to thank yourself later.

Work On Your 6th Sense

In science class as a kid, you must have been taught that humans have 5 basic senses – touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste. But there is one more sense which is linked with our spiritual-selves and isn’t mentioned in school. The 6th sense allows you to sense what the naked eye can’t see, feel what your skin can’t sense, smell what your nose can’t pick up, taste what your tongue can’t savor, and hear what your ears are unable to. To deepen your relationship with your Guardian Angel, you must strengthen your 6th sense or intuition so that you are able to sense the messages coming from the spiritual realm.

Make a Journal

Another great way to mend your relationship with your Guardian Angel is to prepare a journal. Write daily letters to your Guardian Angel, telling them about how you feel, how your day went, and your goals for the following days among other things, and reassuring them that you will always be there to return the favor. In time, you might even start receiving Angelic guidance. Keep your journal by your side at all times and write everything down.

To Summarize…

Guardian Angels work tirelessly to protect us and to make our journey on Earth a little easier. The least we can do in return is to mend our relationship with them and try to get a little closer. By following the tips discussed above, you can easily manage that and start receiving Angelic guidance. Always remember, they have been appointed to you by God Himself. They have no other choice but to fulfill their duties in the best way possible and please their creator, regardless of whether you try to make an effort or not. It’s all about how you, as a person, think. The universe wants us to live on the principle of give-and-take and we should strive to do whatever we can to play our part and make life more beautiful than it already is!