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Make Money Now 3 week Boot Camp

The Three week self Study e-course that will change your life forever!

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I know how hard it is to break the financial barrier when you grow up impoverished. I’ve been at the brink of homelessness in my early adulthood and had to make choices eating crackers so I could feed my son. These were hard lessons and I did not realize that my mindset was the culprit to nearly all of my misery. When I made the vow to myself that I would break this cycle of poverty I was able to make the mindset shifts that brought me out of that poverty to purchasing my first house as a single female within 3 years.

There are a lot of mindset trainers out there, but none that has step by step templates and fill in the blank for each module. You can use these modules over and over again when you desire to create more money and wealth.

You will receive one module per week. If you are diligent and work on the lessons you will be able to see and create opportunities all around you.

Here’s what you will learn:

Module 1:

We are both a product of our environment and our heritage. Words and actions of our friends, family and even our ancestors impact the decisions we make in our finances and relationships to this day.

You will learn that you don’t know and we will dive deep into discovering your invisible blocks that are holding you back from the sales and success you desire.

At the end of this module you will be able to design a road map for your desires.

Module 2:

We are going to use the what we learned in module 1 to uncover your blocks and dive deeper into uncovering what is called as your “money story.”
You will create affirmations that will start to change your manifestation and abundance ability.

We will find out if the Money Boogie Man is preventing you from bringing in the cash and what to do about it.

When you are finished with this module you will be able to reprogram your beliefs so that they are working for you rather than against you.

Module 3:

Money Manifestation Masterminding.

This module is broken down into four different areas where you look at 25 ways to make money.

It will open your mind and expand your pocketbook if you follow the directions. Money is easy to make if you follow directions.

Get your first lesson today for only $497 — or check out the payment plan!

Luci McMonagle michellerodman2014 is absolutely AMAZING!!! She has so much usable knowledge and a deep passion to help others reach their goals. I went in thinking, “Cool, I may learn some better marketing tools. “I left with feeling like, WOW, this lady is remarkable.” She not only helped me with my business, but she also changed my life by helping me with choosing the proper techniques that helped me with my scatter brain thoughts and the lack of focus I had. Now I can calm my mind and focus! My life is going to change so much just utilizing those amazing tools. michellerodman2014.myitworks.com

Cathy was amazing on how she was boxing herself in and was not able to truly make the kind of money she desires or get her greatest work out into the world. Now she is able to do both!
Carol Schlicksup took my challenge and now has 4 streams of income coming in doing the same thing. Here is what she has to say:

“I was worried that I couldn’t pay for her services. My issues that needed solving was no money to pay for her help, no experience in promoting my skills and working with money. She did not give in to my fears, showed me by example and respecting my true gifts. In just one month of working with Luci I am stronger emotionally and am aware of my gifts. I know what to do to help myself. My experience has not been without challenges yet it has been exhilarating and moving. I recommend Luci if you are ready to really know the truth and to tell the truth.”

Michelle Rodman


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