It is a belief in the business world that women cannot move ahead in business unless they have a man by their side. Is this true?

This is certainly not true. Several women out there, who have made big names for themselves, share some tips to move ahead in business without relying on a male figure.

  • Do More, and Apologize Less

It means that you need to think out of the box. Start doing what you think is best for your start-up. Stop asking someone else for help because most of the times, they are after you. Going with your gut feeling and if anything goes wrong, learning from your mistakes would be the right step.

  • Toss out the ‘Woman Act’

When you are in the business sector, stop being the gender that is thought to be suppressed. Like everyone else, you are in it to win too, so stop making soft statements and subtle word choices, and bring out the competition within you. Make your competitors respect your personality and ways of conduct. This will make you a leader!

  • Set Standards and Follow Them

If you do not follow a certain set of rules that are set by you, it is unlikely that you will succeed in your business. Most successful women are known to set standards that are reflected in their employees, their products and whatever they stand for.

  • Do Not Be a Victim of Gaslighting

Do not fall victim to someone’s perceptions. People might have different opinions about you and if you confront them, they might annihilate your objection. Therefore, no matter how others react to confrontation, never suppress your thoughts because that will just deny your existence. Stand tall and stand proud!

Luci McMonagle is a business coach who helps women find their true meaning of life. Visit www.lucimcmonagle.com.