For some people, money is the area of constant struggle and confusion. They find it hard to get hold of and harder to keep it. They find it very difficult to even talk about money issues without getting stressed. This kind of entrepreneurs often end up losing money to unexpected expenditures and illnesses and keep talking about how hard it is to survive in this kind of economy. All these signs point towards a weakened flow of wealth.

It is true that our deeply held beliefs and negative thoughts impact our reality and disturb the energetic field around our body.  These energy fields are called chakras. If these chakras are disturbed, congested, blocked, then they would impact our energy level as well as the opportunities available to us.  A weakened wealth vibe is a sign of disturbance in your chakras. That’s why I recently did a facebook live session on chakra alignment and healing and their impact on your wealth vibe and flow. You can watch the video or read all about it here in this blog.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy centers in your body which impact you. There are 7 basic chakras but if you are a mystic, you actually have 18 different chakra systems that are part of your energetic systems. Activating your Energetic Chakras enables you to  activate the flow of wealth and ignite your mystical superpowers. I am not going to go into the details of all 18 energetic systems and how they all work because just starting right now with the seven is really important. I would touch only upon how you can gain awareness about your chakras, heal, and activate them and get into the flow of wealth.

The 7 Basic Chakras or Energy Centers and their Impact on Money Flow

First Chakra:

The base of your hips forms the first chakra. This downward facing chakra help you root and ground yourself in life. A blockage in this chakra makes you feel as if you are not financially grounded and stable. Activating this chakra means tapping into the earth and stabilizing yourself. This chakra enables you to draw the abundant, rich energy of the earth as an initiation of manifestation. When your base chakra is strong, you would live life and thrive with the belief that the earth is copious and plentiful and is ever-ready to take care of all your needs.

The Second Chakra:

The second chakra is the sacral chakra. Having a golden orange, this chakra is approximately three inches below the belly button and is the center of sexuality and creation. When this chakra is blocked, your creativity for wealth creation would be weak or blocked. But when you’re in alignment with your creative chakra, you start creating ideas on how you can increase the flow of wealth.

The Third Chakra:

The third chakra is your solar plexus, which is about three inches above your belly button. Having a beautiful, bright, golden orange with yellow hues, this chakra is all about your self-esteem and beliefs surrounding people, situations, and money and wealth. When this chakra is blocked, you would feel very fearful about money matters and you would fear spending it even on the smallest of items because you fear losing money.

The Fourth Chakra:

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra, your love center. Located at the very center of the chest, this chakra is pink in color. Then there is a mini chakra in the heart, having a beautiful emerald green color. People usually end up shutting down this chakra when their expectations of receiving love and money are not met. When this chakra is blocked, you would have negative emotions and ideas about money, like you don’t deserve to make money. However, when this chakra is aligned, you would feel that you are as much entitled to receive money as others. You would also feel love and compassion about others who have helped you or whom you have helped.

The Fifth Chakra:

The fifth chakra is your throat chakra, situated right at the base of your throat. Sometimes, negative childhood experiences, such as when we were told that we were too loud, too blunt and needed to quiet down, blocks this chakra. As a result we don’t speak our truth and fear conversations around money. We cannot bring ourselves to ask for a raise, deal with someone who owes us money, and negotiate prices with clients. However, when this chakra is aligned, we are able to confidently broach conversations about money, negotiate prices, and ask for our real worth.

The Sixth Chakra:

The sixth energy center is the third eye, in the center of your forehead. This chakra gives you insight and visions about your future. If this chakra is blocked, you would find it very difficult to envision wealth and abundance around you. Once you start to tap into this chakra, you would be able to download the higher energies of the world. You would become intuitive about money making opportunities and have intuitive visions of a prosperous future.

The Seventh Chakra:

The seventh chakra is the crown and is located at the top of your head. It opens doors to higher powers and connects us with cosmic consciousness. This chakra shoots up and extends our personal connections into universal ones. When this chakra is blocked, we feel that we don’t have the permission by god or our divine power to make money because it’s evil. However, when this chakra is aligned, we feel that our we are raising money for a divine, philanthropic mission and can help lots of people and causes in the community and in the world through the money we are making.  This chakra is attached to your 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th chakras.

Activate, Cleanse and Balance Your Chakras

When you are holding back your personal energy, power and creativity, not letting go of your negativity, not stepping in to your full power, then your base chakra would be disproportionate and unaligned. So from the backside, it would appear that you have a nice and straight back but a big hump. Or when you don’t have a strong back, you would be slouching and shooting all of your energy forward. You would feel that you are constantly giving and giving and have become emptied or drained out.

Now that you understand your energy centers or chakras, I am going to teach you simple exercises and quick energy tune ups that can activate, cleanse and balance your chakras, so that you can tap into your wealth vibrations and strengthen them:

Breathing Exercises

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Imagine that there is a cleansing energy in your body is going straight into the earth, all the way down into your chakras. It is and carrying out all the weakened and negative from your body out into the earth.
  • Now take another deep, deep breath in and imagine that the pure energy from the earth is coming up into you, in your chakras.
  • Continue breathing down into the earth and breathing out deeply.
  • Repeat the process two to three times at least then start breathing regularly.

The Bowl Balancing Exercise

  • In order to ground your base chakra into the earth, you need to imagine that your hips are carrying this beautiful bowl. And imagine this bowl is filled with a liquid.
  • If you hold it too far back or too far forward, the liquid is being all compressed in the back or front. You would suffer from back pains or chest pains as a result. But when your hips, your ankles, your shoulders, your ears are all in alignment, then the bowl of energy that you are carrying in your hips will be steady.
  • You would be carrying the energy gracefully instead of holding it back or throwing it forward.

Drawing Energy from the Earth Exercise

  • After aligning your hips, now draw your feet approximately one foot or one and a half foot apart.
  • Now imagine your base chakra and that there is a this beautiful red energy just glowing from you, going into the earth, all the way down, down, down into the earth until you find this beautiful crystal cave.
  • When your energy finds the crystal cave, just draw up this energy from the center of the earth, and bring it back up to you.
  • Now start streaming this energy up through all of your energy centers in an upward and then in a circular motion.

Purifying Your Heart Exercise

  • This exercise help you focus specifically on your heart chakra and cleanse it.
  • Allow the energy from your heart chakra to go into the earth also.
  • So you bring your heart chakra, you bring it up, over, down, into your base, into the earth, and then bring it up, over and out.
  • Repeat the process as if you’re creating this beautiful loop of energy while you are energetically purifying your sphere, your aura and center.

The Balloon Exercise

  • Take a few deep breaths. Imagine that there is this beautiful red glowing energy like a balloon at your base chakra.
  • Just blow up that beautiful balloon. And then as you blow it up, just imagine it expanding and going out, and flowing out and flooding out anything that does not belong there.
  • And take another deep breath in and bring this balloon to the second chakra, breathe that out. Breathe in another deep breath, and move towards the third chakra.
  • Again imagine that you are blowing up a balloon and then blowing it out. In the process, you are sweeping, balancing, and purifying anything from your heart that doesn’t belong there.
  • Next, breathe it in and through your throat, open up your throat, allow it to be the channel for your heart.
  • Next, take a deep breath and open your third eye, your sixth chakra. So, place one hand on your heart and the other one on your forehead and say out aloud that there is a congruency between your heart and you mind and a harmony among your words, emotions, and your actions. If your heart and your mind are not aligned, you would have confusing feelings and negative thoughts.
  • Now you need to deal with the 7th chakra i.e. the crown chakra. An unbalanced crown chakra would make you feel vulnerable and exposed, so you need to close this chakra so that you’re not being affected by the other people’s negativities and influences.

Performed on a regular basis, these exercises will allow the greatest amount of mystical unwrapping of your barriers, and so that you can break through any of those energies that are holding you back from truly expressing your soul potential. Once you are able to align these chakras, you would become more grounded and empowered. You would be able to tap into the fountain of your creativity. Consequently, your self-esteem would start rising and you wouldn’t let others’ opinion and negativities influence you. Consequently, when your energy centers are in the flow, you are able to tap in to the flow of wealth.

My name is Luci McMonagle , a Mystic Wealth Creator. I work with mystic entrepreneurs want to make a big and meaningful impact on the world through their work, who are ready to start embracing their soul superpowers. My special sauce is that I can help you bring out your superpowers, your mystical superpowers, so that you can project them into your business and create more happiness, wealth, and joy. When you chakras are aligned, you can manifest your heart’s desires into the world and create a flow of wealth, happiness and joy. Do you know that you can use your first and second chakra to create a Money Bohemian Pouch? And this money pouch will help you become more in flow with the money wealth vibration. Go to my secret site and learn more about creating this mystical money pouch.