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Karma Clearing and Providing Mentoring Services.

Hi, I am Luci McMonagle, A Visionary Mystic Entrepreneur, known as The Mystic Wealth Creator. I am the SECRET behind powerful and successful leaders that are making changes in this world and creating conscious communities. With my alchemical processes of clearing the energy, directing the flow and being the backbone of advisement, I bring these leaders into Divine Union of their life’s greatest purpose and mission.

Just Imagine …

Having the secret that will unlock millions in your already successful business.

You feel fully alive from the inside-out and you truly feel safe to bare your deepest dreams and desires to a powerful Mystic Wealth Creator that listens to you and encourages you to expand your horizons and to reach for your dreams.  You seem to touch the heavens when I teach you how to open up to your mystical powers. Your world is more colorful, food is more flavorful and you started to dream bigger dreams again. The best of you comes out to play and stay. Those around you are intrigued by this new amazing change that has taken place in your life and in your business. A secret that only you will tell if you choose to. That secret is having a truly powerful Mystic Wealth Creator behind you. Leading and guiding you and your business in the path of least resistance that will multiple your empire. You will create a conscious community of raving fans along the way and make this world a better place too.

My role in your life and in your high-end business is to clear the energetic path for you prior to your moving forward with your business plans. By using my visions, intuition and alchemical powers to lead you and guide you.

Ever wonder why some high-powered people and their businesses always seem to be moving forward and growing at an alarming rate? It’s not their marketing, as you can do a better job any day. It’s definitely not their website, or mannerism, and you know you can do much better while creating a conscious empire. So, what is it?



And a

Powerful Mystic…

Is behind these others.

Mystic Wealth Creators have been used by powerful political individuals, celebrities, movie stars and even every day individuals. It’s the secret behind successful businesses. Some have called them, “Advisors”, others call them their “Chief Executive Director”.

Ever see Movie Stars seem to magically look younger and come alive? Think it’s plastic surgery? You might want to think again as a Mystic has special powers to allow you to have Your senses come alive and you feel youthful again. Would you Love having that fiery passion like you did in your 20’s, but this time you can direct this energy into success.

Interested in exploring new horizons in your business?

Are you a Visionary Man or a Conscious Woman that has a sense that you need to have a Divine Awakening? A Divine Union within your Masculine and Feminine energies? I get you there.

Did you know that even in the ancient times, entrepreneurs would see a mystic to ensure their businesses would increase? Many of them paid a monthly commission to the Mystic plus gave a percentage of their increased profits to her also. Some even provided housing, and all living expenses in addition to the commissions.

Your life might be amazing, and what if it could be even more amazing by starting to unfold in miraculous ways? How would you like to be surrounded by miracles while you and your business are being magically protected?

I have a sense of knowing things, an eye for catching details and an expansive big view of what will be happening. I can read the path you are on and how to avoid pitfalls that could ensnare you and prevent you from growing your business and having the full freedom you desire. I’ve been the powerhouse behind many individuals that cannot be named as I have a confidentially clause in my contracts with them. Curious on how this works?

Let me explain how this works:

I accept up to 12 select clients per year on a monthly retainer. I clear all energies for you and your business to clear your path. I provide you with expert advisement and am able to give you details on not only your soul attributes and weaknesses, I can do this for your business partners, employees, etc. simply by having a current photo of them. Plus, we meet monthly via phone or zoom and I read the energy into what is open or closing for you. When the paths are clear so you know when to move forward or hold back.

My basic retainers start at $2,000 a month and go up depending the size of your company and what you are looking to accomplish. Currently, I have 8 slots available until next year.

This is only available for a few select and you must meet my requirements to work with me:

  1. At bare minimum – Your business must already be at the multiple 6 figure mark and you are seeking to move into the 7-figure mark.
  2. You must be willing to follow instructions well, even if they seem to be unusual. There will be no harm to anything or anyone.
  3. You are willing to fully comply with the universal laws which I will explain to you and are happy to know that once you activate your own hidden mystic powers that you will only use these powers for the best and highest good of all concerned.
  4. You are fully committed to making your empire grow and are willing to contribute to making this world a better place. This can look like you contribute your time, money or other towards come type of charity that you do not benefit from directly or indirectly
  5. You do all of this in alignment with the highest good of all concerned. Meaning if you believe you have to harm others to get ahead, then I am not the Mystic for you.

If you are ready to start talking about making your business or personal life that will result in a BIG Impact and Leave a Legacy, then we can discuss how I work and what to expect. This is for Serious individuals only.

Get on my calendar now before my 12 (8) slots are taken as I only open the doors to this offer once a year. To talk about this, go to

Cliff Notes Version:


As the Visionary Mystic Entrepreneur, known as The Mystic Wealth Creator, I am the SECRET behind powerful & successful leaders that are making changes in this world and creating conscious communities. With my alchemical processes of clearing the energy, directing the flow & being the backbone of advisement I bring these leaders into Divine Union with their life’s greatest purpose and mission.


Visionary, persistent & courageous entrepreneurs who are ready to take their multiple 6-figures to a 7 + figure of NET Profits.


✔ You can be a guest on my Wealthy Wednesday Show to help other powerful leaders
✔ You can discuss with me if you would qualify for having me as your private mystic at
✔ We can collaborate or co-create some type of joint venture


✔ I help you find the hidden patterns that keep you stuck & prevents you from growing and reaching your conscious community and building your empire.
✔ I help you access your Soul’s Purpose and Bridge Your Soul’s Mission with it.
✔ I help you tap into your Bigger Vision and Access your hidden powers.
✔ I help you using my fine-tuned Mystical Powers, Insights and Abilities to clear the energy so your path is opened and cleared for you.
✔ I can tell you the Soul Attributes & Their Weaknesses of your business partners, employees, and others so you understand the best manner to manage them in your business.
✔ I can read the energy and forewarn you so you have divine timing & when to change directions.


to Discover if this is a fit. If you are not a fit I will refer you to a resource or someone else. Get onto my calendar at


✔ I am behind the scenes unless you decide to have me more involved

✔ All work is done in complete confidence and I sign non-disclosures


Book a call with me to find our more about how I can be of service to you:

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