In 2012, in US, it was estimated that 8.3 million businesses were owned by women. 60% of women earned their master’s degree to get in to business. The best part is that, since 2012, there has been an increase in women-owned firms. These firms generate more than $10 million dollars in revenue, which is an increase of more than 50%.

It has been established that the world is no more an only “Men’s Club”! Women entered corporate management in late 1980s and are still climbing the ranks. Unfortunately, a glass ceiling still stands between them and their career, where they are faced with challenges that are rarely faced by men when they are advancing in their careers.

As influencers and leaders of future generations, a woman must stand up against the gender gap, where men should back them up. For today’s women to thrive, they must speak up. Following are nine ways on how women can become influencers in the industry:

  1. Speak Up

If women speak up their areas of expertise, ideas and leadership, it will become easier for other people to hear and follow bold female voices. By speaking up, a trend will be set for the future generations to follow.

  1. Take More Risks

You cannot become an influencer if you play it safe. Therefore, women often fail, as they are not risk takers. So leave your fear at the doormat and push forward with more confidence to achieve higher goals.

  1. Find Mentors

Find a mentor and follow her. A mentor helps you and guides you through your career path. This opens leadership positions for you.

  1. Network

Connect and increase your circle to connect with potential brand ambassadors, inspiring women and new friends. Attend functions because your business card that can be picked at any of these events represents new opportunities for you.

  1. Accept Feedback

A feedback helps you to improve your previous mistakes so maintain a positive attitude towards others comments.

  1. Be a Publicist

Spread your business by word of mouth wherever you go. Show them that you can use your voice too.

  1. Show a Professional Front

Show your inner confidence because confidence garners respect.

  1. Work Together

Show the world that when women work together they project a more united group for young women.

  1. Use Your Talents

Women are the biggest multitaskers; they handle work as well as their family at the same time. They are great at problem solving, which puts them in a position of an influencer.