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Do you dread making sales calls?
Do you try to put it this task off as long as you can?
Are your conversations with prospective clients short and awkward?
Do you suck at list building?
If you own a small business but hate selling then you are not alone…


I truly understand how the idea of selling your talent seems daunting and even demeaning. It’s not your fault but the society’s that instills in us the hidden and limited mindset that sales people are not to be trusted and sales calls are to be avoided. Also, the salesy, pushy, aggressive, narcissistic ‘me-first-then-you’ approach doesn’t suit everyone, especially the spiritual, heart-centered, creative women entrepreneurs.

Therefore, the fear of selling ends up being the Achilles heel of women entrepreneurs and hurt their business’ growth and their bottom line. That’s why 90% of new small businesses end up failing in the very first year. They don’t teach you sales skill in college.

Want to conquer the fear of selling once and FOREVER?
Want to learn the art of selling with your heart?
Want to create a sales mindset that gets results?
Want to build a massive prospects’ list?
My ‘Overcoming Your Fear of Selling’ meditation helps you have the confidence to start selling from the heart.

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