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The Spirint Of Paying It Forward 

My book MAGICAL MONEY MANIFESTATIONS is dedicated to empowering women and women entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams and ambitions, and also helping their families and global communities. Therefore, it is the mission of my life to backup and support the projects, individuals and organizations whose core values and mission resonate well with my own philosophies. I am pleased to announce that I am dedicating 30% of the net profit for the first year of publication from the sale of MAGICAL MONEY MANIFESTATIONS, to the most inspiring and far-reaching projects showcased at, an international nonprofit organization.  I am deeply moved by the way Kiva is empowering individuals through microfinance loans instead of doling out charity. This creates a flow of wealth that is then re loaned and given to others to build their dreams.

Current Donations has gone to:


AlivenVibrant LLC
Milwaukee, WI, United States


Rainbow Bee
Columbus, OH, United States

Previous Donations has gone to:


Half Light Honey
Brasstown, NC, United States


I believe in you and your potential! More power to you!

Through buying my book MAGICAL MONEY MANIFESTATIONS , you would not only get the key to your own entrepreneurial dreams but will also contribute in empowering others. You may not know how you may be creating a life changing impact for someone. It’s all about giving, receiving, sharing, and paying it forward. I am playing my part in changing the stories of others through my philanthropic efforts, are you ready to do the same?

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