Nowadays, the theory that our ancestors can pass their energy down to us has become a well-established fact. While some believe that there is a spiritual connection which remains within our souls for all eternity, research has shown that the trauma which our ancestors lived through changed their genes- thus transferring that trauma to us, to some extent. While the logic behind ancestral energy being passed down to us probably stems from both a spiritual and a genetic connection, there is no denying the fact that it certainly affects our life.

Furthermore, many people believe that what has happened doesn’t need to be addressed or spoken about- and that it doesn’t affect their life in any way. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. When your ancestors pass down their energy to you, you are inadvertently propagating that same energy if you choose not to address it. In some way, the behavior which your ancestors indulged in will become your behavior- regardless of if it is positive or negative. Here is how you can deal with such energy:

Acknowledging This Form of Energy

The first step to any change is first to notice or observe the genetic or ancestral pattern which you have witnessed. Did your father behave like your grandfather, and do you feel as if you are adopting the same practices? Well, your ancestors- not just from the last two generations, but from much before are also affecting your energy and thus affecting how you live your life.

Notice which patterns are commonly seen. This could range from having issues with anger or issues with low self-confidence or a spendthrift attitude- the possibilities are endless.

Addressing and Dealing With This Energy

So, you have now realized that your ancestors had an issue with anger and violence. You have heard stories of how your ancestors would get into fights regularly- indicating that this was and may still be an actual problem. You now need to figure out how to get help, which could translate into going for therapy or trying to figure out where your ancestors’ anger stems from.

Once you have done this, you break the long chain of how your ancestors’ energy is affecting their descendants. By dealing with this adequately, you will then ensure that those after you aren’t as affected as you were.