If you are an aspiring or a budding woman entrepreneur, you are bound to run into more challenges than your male counterparts, such as lack of time, energy, and capital. Here is how you can replace the four common limitations with powerful solutions and affirmations.

Small or Big; It Doesn’t Matter 

Feeling too modest about your small business that you are running from home? Don’t. You are also more likely to succeed if your business is a small, consumer -oriented, retail business, with few or no employees and low growth.

Lack Funding? Tap Into Alternate sources

Instead of approaching banks, consider asking for personal loans from friends and family members, who know and trust you and are willing to lend you a small loan, with low or no interest, or strings attached. Zhena Muzyka, an aspiring author and tea seller, started her $6 million business through a $3,000 personal loan from her family.

Replace “What if…” with “So What…”

As women, we have a tendency of imagining the worse case scenarios in our minds, and women entrepreneurs in particular take themselves too seriously. They not only fear failure but also start believing that they cannot succeed. Always remember, the failure of your business is not the end of the world. Start small; start afresh; keep trying.

Forget Perfection. Embrace Your Limitations

There is no perfect life and work balance for anyone, and women entrepreneurs are no exceptions. You should have your own definition of balance, routine, schedule, and rhythm.

With 10 million women entrepreneurs and increasing, women entrepreneurs are fast becoming a force to reckon with.

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