The Secret Roadmap to an Abundant Life


I have seen so many brilliant women entrepreneurs with spectacular vision and unique ideas, and yet they fizzle out. Their business fails to exist because they fail to commit, streamline, align and harness their energies to their ideas. They fail to connect the disparate dots in their lives and small business perspectives through a solid plan. In order to be successful, we need to understand that growth cannot be haphazard, and that, progress is systematic and disciplined; long-term success is not a matter of fluke. Entrepreneur or not, everyone, including you, need a plan, an integrated roadmap and a blueprint to invite abundance into your business and life. A roadmap is like the GPS system that helps you arrive at your destination, with ease and confidence, without which you would have gotten lost. Don’t have a blueprint for your life and business yet? Here is how to start:

Critically Assess What You Have and What You Want

Assess your life situation at this point honestly. Understand where you, your personal life and your business stand currently. Write down the existing strengths, weaknesses, and the limitations of your business.

  • Understand “what” you want to do as a woman entrepreneur (your unique talent)
  • Determine “why” you want to do it (your passion and motivation)
  • Decide “when” you want to achieve this (a deadline)
  • Establish “how” you want to do this (resources: background, education, skills, contacts)

The below given mission statement encapsulates all these points in one sentence:

“By 2018, I want to launch my business as a professional health coach because inspiring myself and others to lead a healthy lifestyle is my passion, and I will use my education in Food and Nutrition, and my yoga training to prepare personalized health and wellness plans for my clients.

It’s your turn now! Try to write your own mission statement by working on the ‘when’, ‘what’, ’why’, and ‘how’ areas, in the following sentence:
By (when), I want to be a (what) because I like to (why) and I will do this through (how) ……

Commit to a System

This step is the elaboration of the ‘how’ part. A successful blueprint contains directions and actionable points that help you achieve whatever you want. Progress is not possible without productivity, and productivity is not possible without a method, process, and a system. It requires conscious and systematic efforts, and a certain degree of discipline in your thinking and regimen. It can be a small but productive habit that is bound to make your roadmap impactful. For instance:

  • Waking an hour early every day.
  • Setting aside half an hour, everyday, to work on a new business aspect.
  • Calling up 3 new prospects every day.
  • Saving some money every month for investment in stocks.

Cultivate a Positive Mindset

Change comes from within, so work towards building a solid foundation. Positive thoughts fuel positive actions, and ultimately, a positive life.

  • Learn to curb fears, negativity, and pessimism, etc. Work on your self-esteem, confidence, self-belief, vision, values, and cultivate positivity in each aspect.
  • Adopt a progress-oriented mindset, instead of an absolute success and failure one, which means that you see every step, big or small, as progress and a learning opportunity. This progress-oriented mindset helps you keep going despite difficulties, challenges, and failures encountered on the way.
  • Adopt a prosperous, wealthy, and abundance mindset, and start seeing your talent and your business as a chasm to attract the abundance that the universe has to offer.

Hello! I am Luci McMonagle, a Miracles Abundance Coach. I believe that we all are surrounded by miracles, magic, and prosperity that the Universe is offering to all of us indiscriminately, but we need to open up ourselves, energize and synergize our efforts in the right direction, to attract this abundance. Developing an Abundance Roadmap is a fundamental step in doing so. Don’t know how to develop your Abundance roadmap? Fret not! For starters, check out my training calendar and block a date for an exclusive one-to-one, free session with me.

Through personalized advice, referrals, empowering tools, exercises, visualizations and power hacks, I will help you create a comprehensive life by building a business roadmap for an abundant, prosperous, and fulfilling life.